11 Tom Hiddleston Quotes That Double As Amazing New Year's Eve Advice

Well, the new year is almost here, which means you're probably panicking about whether your New Year's Eve will go off without a hitch. First, I hope it does. Second, if you're in need of a pep talk or some advice before the clock strikes 12, Tom Hiddleston gives great New Year's Eve advice. Some of the quotes he's uttered in his movies, during sketches, and in interviews all double as advice, because T. Hiddles is a genius and knows how to party.

There's no doubt that NYE is one stressful event, but it actually doesn't need to be. If you think about it, it's just another day out of the year. The only major difference it's the last day of that year. So what? If you look at it is any normal day, then all of the pressure will be lifted and you will surely have a more enjoyable time.

However, if that's difficult for you to do, Hiddleston can help. Whether you're worried about having a great time, not sure about a particular party, or really don't want anyone to steal the alcohol you brought exclusively for yourself, then let The Avengers actor be your guide in how to act and what to say during these NYE moments. Not only will you feel much better, but your New Year's Eve will be extremely enjoyable.

1. When You're Worried About Work

MTV on YouTube

As Hiddleston said in this MTV After Hours sketch, "This is a party. No work allowed." So, if you're all stressed about work, don't be! Put it in the back of your mind and actually have some fun.

2. When Someone Asks About Your NYE Plans

I mean what else is there to say besides, "Let's party!" Seriously, Hiddleston in this After Hours segment is truly a trove of information.

3. When You're Super Bored

Let's face it, there might be that one NYE event or party you attend where you want to scratch out your eyes because of boredom. If that's the case, quote Hiddleston from After Hours: "I just want to go to a party. That's what I want."

4. When Someone Is Being A Party Pooper

There is not time for party poopers on NYE. That said, as Hiddleston expressed during an interview with Fandango, "Haters never win. I just think that’s true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end."

5. When You're Unsure Of How To Act

As Hiddleston once tweeted: "I can't pretend to play it cool about this. Woooooooooo!!" Basically, if you're excited for NYE, act excited.

6. When Times Square Frightens You

Who really wants to go to Times Square on NYE? That's just pure madness. Anyways, if you want to overcome your fears, here's what T. Hiddles said in an interview with About Entertainment: "I never get afraid of things; I only get excited."

7. When You're Still Waiting On The Bartender

Alexandru Raphael on YouTube

When you have to wait in line for a drink or the bartender continues to ignore you, well, it is beyond infuriating. That said, you should follow Loki's advice and say: "If it's all the same to you, I'll have that drink now."

8. When Someone Needs To Pee Really Bad


NYE is a night of drinking (for many people, anyways), so you're going to have use the bathroom — a lot. So, let's say you're chilling at your house and you want to avoid someone having an unfortunate accident, just quote Hiddleston from his film Only Lovers Left Alive and say: "Please, feel free to piss in my garden."

9. When Your Friend Wants To Share A Drink

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It's NYE, which means there is no sharing of beverages. Sorry, not sorry. Guess what? Hiddleston agrees. Like he said during a Sesame Street segment with Cookie Monster, "I really want to share it with you, but this one's mine. I know there will be one for you."

10. When You're Cut Off From Drinking


It's bound to happen on New Year's Eve. If so, quote Loki and declare: "Please don't. I still need that."

11. When You're In Need Of The Perfect Midnight Kiss

With NYE, comes the pressure of that dreaded (for some of us) midnight kiss. I mean, you don't really need to ring in the new year with a kiss. Admittedly, I never do and I survive the night just fine. But, if you really want that perfect midnight kiss, quote this Hiddleston tweet: "Make sure you tell the people you love that you love them. Loudly and often. You never know when it might be too late." Yep, that'll make someone swoon and give you an amazing smooch.

And with that, your New Year's Eve will be 100 percent successful. Thanks, Tom.

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