Kris Jenner Wore A Blue Wig That Could've Been Inspired By Her Daughters — PHOTOS

It's no secret to anyone that the Kardashians and Jenners share a sense of style. While all of them have a very distinct look, it's not difficult to see that they influence one another. According to People StyleWatch, Kris Jenner wore a blue wig with her all black ensemble in St. Barts on Wednesday, proving that she's definitely feeling her girls' style. With that monochrome outfit, blue wig, nude lip, and smoky eye, it's clear that Kris Jenner is the matriarch of one fashionable brood.

This isn't the first time that Jenner has made waves with her fashion, and it's certainly not the only time she's copped one of her daughters' style. In fact, she's been making headlines lately for doing just that. Earlier this December, Jenner caught the collective eye of the Internet when she posed in a sexy one-piece bathing suit for the Love Magazine advent calendar. Jenner could be seen floating in a pool while the song Trap Queen played in the background. The moment was totally reminiscent of Kim K.'s Mexico bikini photos — if a little less risque. Then, only a few weeks ago, she looked totally laid back in front of her Christmas rocking Yeezy 750s and camo onesie in total Kanye West fashion. While Kanye isn't exactly one of the girls, the look was still proof that the family that styles together slays together.

Wednesday in St. Bart's, Kris Jenner again proved that this family knows how to vibe off one another. Jenner, who was with boyfriend Corey Gamble, was most notably rocking a deep blue wig. The grown-out pixie style piece was similar to Kris's own style, but the blue was all Kylie.

While it's not ombre, the hue is nearly dead on.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Then, the all black ensemble is yet another Kardashian staple. From Kourtney to Kim, the ladies tend to favor black outfits.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The fringe on her top though is particularly reminiscent of Kim's dress at the Balmain after show. Those sleeves are everything.

As for Kris's makeup look, that nude lip and pared-down smoky eye is totally Kourtney. Kris's eye look is much more pared-down than Kim's signature smoky but isn't quite natural enough to be inspired by Kylie. Instead, this perfect going-out look seems more Kourtney.

I wonder what her daughters think of her new New Year's Eve Eve look — I'm guessing they totally approve.

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