Kris Channels Kanye For Kristmas

It's not exactly surprising that the Kardashian-Jenner clan share style tips with one another. Whether it's Kylie Jenner copping Kim Kardashian's style or the family purchasing fashionable wear for one another, style tends to transfer. That seems especially true with Kris Jenner rocking Yeezy 950s and a seriously Kanye-style onesie in celebration of Christmas. The momager's Instagram account showcases her standing in front of her epic Christmas display looking super comfy but obviously super glam with her beauty game on fleek.

This is the first time Jenner has made news in the recent weeks. Just last week, Jenner made headlines when she participated in Love's advent calendar swimming in a pool while "Trap Queen" played in the background. It was pretty much as odd as it sounds, but it definitely wasn't too different from her daughter's love of posting poolside pictures. Kris isn't the only member of the family who has been accused of copping another family member's style. The comparisons between Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are rampant and for good reason. Whether it's their love of a great selfie or their similar style, the sisters definitely vibe off one another. Kim has even said that she's happy to pass down her social media queenship to Kylie. So it's not surprise that Kris has seemingly got some serious inspiration from Kanye in her latest Christmas Instagram post.

While Kris may have been trying to blend in with her surroundings, it definitely failed because of her insane Christmas decor! Kim K. herself declared it "Candy Cane Lane." While it was hard to keep my eyes off the gorgeous tree, Kris's camo onesie and Yeezy 950s grabbed my attention immediately due to its serious resemblance to a Kanye-style ensemble. After all, those are Yeezy's shoes. From the drop crouch to the slouchy hoodie vibe, this look had Kanye's influence written all over, and personally, I love the way this family shares style. Despite many people's negative attitudes about them, they've gone their finger on the pulse of fashion.

Want to know the best part about Jenner's ensemble, though? It's totally shoppable.

Norweigan brand OnePiece is the maker of Kris's onesie, and based on their website, she doesn't seem to be their only client. In fact, Khloe's face features prominently on the homepage in a strikingly similar camo onesie.

Onepiece Camoflauge Onesie, $159.00, Onepiece

Here are six other Kris-inspired onesies to shop and rock in front of your own Christmas tree.

Camo Onesie

Footed Comatose Camo Onesie, $39.99, Forever Lazy

This isn't exactly Kris' onesie, but it's pretty dang close.

Solid Onesie

Jenni by Jennifer Moore Solid Hooded Footed Pajama, $22.99, Macy's

A solid onesie is a great, basic first onesie. Because once you buy one, you'll want more.

Animal Onesie

Rabbit Print Plush PJ Jumpsuit, $27.90, Forever21

So cute that you have to purchase.

Christmas Onesie

Holidays Reindeer Onesie, $55.00, ASOS

Kris did pose in front of the Christmas tree after all.

Themed Onesie

Batgirl Plus Size Adult Onesie, $36.99, Macy's

Perfect for the comic book lover in us all.

Shut Eye Onesie

Anything Doze! One-Piece Pajamas, $39.99, ModCloth

Want some shut-eye? These are ideal.

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