A New Best Friend Anthem We Can Get Behind

Most people, if they don't know the guys from Comedy Central's hilarious Workaholics, they at least know Adam DeVine thanks to his role in Pitch Perfect . In fact, the comedian's bravado is part of what made the whole thing the instant-classic that its become — but that doesn't mean the people closest to him appreciate it. In fact, it seems as though DeVine's success from the film has made things a bit rocky with his real life and TV best buds, Anders Holm and, in particular, Blake Anderson. The trio were on Conan O'Brien's show to promote the upcoming season of Workaholics but got off to the wrong foot when Anderson took O'Brien's DeVine question-pandering as a slight to the rest of them, causing the the former to storm off.

In what could've been a friendship-ending moment, however, the older, wiser O'Brien took the lead and figured out the best way to mend this marred friendship: through the gift of song. And not just any song, the song of Best Friendship. One that may just find you tapping your toes, grabbing some meats, and considering calling your own BFF for a barbeque. Or, if you're more like us, perhaps a couple glasses of wine and a serious cheese stockpile — but hey: differences!

Regardless of how you mend a friendship on the fritz, the Workaholics boys' performance proves the undying truth of keeping the gang together: sometimes you just have to leave it all out on the floor and perform a musical act of love and devotion to the best friends you know and love. BFF Ballads are the new BFF necklaces.

Ugh, and here I thought my crush on Blake Anderson couldn't get any bigger.