Rochelle & Rob Brann From 'Newlyweds: The First Year' Are An Adorable Couple With Bravo Connections

Newlyweds: The First Year is one of those fascinating shows that you can't help but keep your eyes glued to. Bravo really nailed it when it assumed that the world wanted to voyeuristically watch what happens when newly married couples return home from the honeymoon. When Season 3 premieres on Jan. 3, viewers will be introduced to four brand-new couples who have just tied the knot and are now allowing cameras to follow their every move. One of these new Newlyweds: The First Year couples is Rochelle and Rob Bran, and they just might become your favorite pair.

Described as a "true millennial couple" by Bravo, Rochelle and Rob met at his fraternity's party in college. Rochelle is the voice and creator behind the amazing fashion and lifestyle blog, Bloggerella, as well as a former NFL cheerleader, while Rob seems to have his hand in many different things according to his Twitter profile. He is listed as an attorney, NFL agent, music producer, and now he can add reality TV star. According to their Bravo profiles, Rochelle is pretty laid-back well Rob has a Type A personality. Personally, I think those kind of couples usually balance each other out really well in a marriage. But I guess we'll have to wait and see if that proves true for these two.

After taking a peek at their social media presence, here are some other tidbits about this newlywed reality couple.

Rochelle Appreciates Classic Literature

Mindy Kaling is right up there with Zeus on the gods scale. The fact that Rochelle appreciates this amazing book makes her amazing by association. I just want to high-five Rochelle right now.

Rob Has A Picture From The Night They Met

Seriously? How many people can say that they have a photo from the night they met their spouse? That's pretty impressive. Also, the photo shows dressed like cave-people at a frat party. #RelationshipGoals

They Have The Cutest Fur-Baby

They both post so many pictures of this adorable little fur man and I don't want them to ever stop. I fully believe having a pet together brings a couple closer together.

Rochelle Hangs With Ken & Giggy Vanderpump

I am so jealous I could die. You have made it when you can add this photo to your Instagram feed.

They Do Food Right

I love people that eat good food. Sometimes, you just have to scarf down some barbecue and mac and cheese with reckless abandon. Rochelle and Rob are my kind of people.

Images: Heidi Gutman/Bravo