Pantone Color Cafe Is The Rainbow Eating Experience That Might Just Break Instagram — PHOTOS

If you're someone who loves to eat in aesthetic style, the new Pantone color cafe is the destination for you. Pantone is a color matching system (developed by Lawrence Herbert in 1963), but it's also become synonymous with high style. Pantone is an arbiter of good taste, not in the least as we anticipate its yearly announcement of "Color Of The Year", which directs us as to how we should accessorize our homes and ourselves (in Rose Quartz and Serenity for 2016!). The cafe is the color expert's latest foray into the world of style, offering guests the chance to experience the most stylish imbibing of coffee and pastries and "taste the colors" (note the slight but important variation from Skittles' "taste the rainbow").

Every item in the cafe, from the outer walls to the cups that fold straws to the seats you sit on, is decorated with vibrant pantone color codes. If eating color is your jam, you should head over to Monaco sometime before August 23, 2016. The cafe is located against scenic beach views at the promenade of the Grimaldi Forum. If you're not flush enough to jet set of to Monaco just for a croissant, start wishing for the Pantone cafe to start doing the rounds with pop ups in more cities. I don't know about you, but I can see one of these set against the backdrop of the Flat Iron building in spring. Meanwhile, you can dream about pantone all day with these images from the cafe...

1. Order In Color

The Menu, color 18-1763, allows you to choose each item with a color swatch. I assume this would make it difficult if your favorite color was, say, pink, and pink was attributed to a latte when all you really want is an espresso. Color-fan problems, am I right?

2. Style Your Order

You can really let your inner art director flourish at the Pantone color cafe, especially because you have the option to customize your order based on color. Imagine being able to create such a pretty scene of beverage and food for yourself to drink and eat!

3. Pray For Pink

If you're anything like me, if you're ever lucky enough to order from the Pantone cafe, you'll be praying (or begging the staff, I don't know your life), for a pink serving tray which you will then refuse to eat anywhere but on a pink chair.

4. Prepare Your Instagrams

Seriously though, have you seen a more Instagrammable cafe in your life? No filter necessary.

5. No Seriously Though, Prepare Your Instagrams

The color coding system is so perfect, who would even want to eat/drink this combination or pretty? It's the kind of think you'd want to stare at and photograph from every angle, unwilling to disrupt the perfect harmony of color.

Photos: Fotolia