This Rihanna New Year's Eve Playlist Is The Best Way To Ring In 2016 — LISTEN

If I could party with any celebrity in the world, it would absolutely, hands down be Rihanna. From club hopping to lounging around on private yachts, the 27-year-old pop superstar definitely knows how to have a good time. As a die-hard fan, I'm beyond bummed that Rihanna's new album, ANTI , didn't end up seeing the light of day in 2015 (though I suppose there's still a very, very small chance she could surprise us and release it tonight?), but that certainly won't stop me from rockin' out to her tunes on New Year's Eve! If you ask me, no NYE celebration is complete without a little Rih. When it comes to party anthems, the Barbadian singer knows her stuff. So, what songs should be on your 2015 Rihanna New Year's Eve playlist? Unsurprisingly, I have a few suggestions...

Of course, some song choices are no-brainers ("Umbrella," "Only Girl (In the World)," "What's My Name," "We Found Love," etc.), but Rihanna has released a whopping seven albums since she first hit the scene in 2005, and if you ask me, she actually has quite a few underrated and underappreciated jams in her discography. New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity to impress your pals with your vast knowledge of the "FourFiveSeconds" hit-maker's career! (OK, OK, you might not impress them, exactly — but I bet you'll keep 'em dancing.)

Here's your essential Rihanna NYE playlist:

"Phresh Out The Runway"

A great way to kick off the night.

"Sell Me Candy"

RihannaForVEVO on YouTube

One of my favorite tracks from Rihanna's defining 2007 LP, Good Girl Gone Bad.

"You Da One"

RihannaVEVO on YouTube

Unfortunately, "You Da One" was overshadowed by the astonishing success of "We Found Love" in 2011 — but it'll always be a smash hit in my heart!

"Dancing In The Dark"

"Dancing In the Dark" is featured on the soundtrack to Home, the animated movie Rihanna lent her voice acting skills to in 2015. It is adorable and (obviously) great for dancing.

"Push Up On Me"

RihannaForVEVO on YouTube

Yes. Yes. Yes.


RihannaVEVO on YouTube

"Hard" is the definition of swag. Like, it is quite literally dripping in swagu. I can't get enough.

"Break It Off"

Rihannatodomusica on YouTube

"Break It Off" just doesn't get the attention it deserves! (I blame Sean Paul.)

"Roc Me Out"

RihannaVEVO on YouTube

"Roc Me Out" features some of the steamiest and most gasp-inducing Rihanna lyrics of all time. For example, in the first verse, Rih sings, "Come over boy, I'm so ready / You're taking too long to get my head on the ground / And my feet in the clouds, oh oh." Zoinks!

"We Ride"

RihannaVEVO on YouTube

An often overlooked gem from Rihanna's 2006 sophomore album, A Girl Like Me.

"Lemme Get That"

RihannaForVEVO on YouTube


"Raining Men"

rebelleperry on YouTube

How could you possibly go wrong with Rih and Nicki? (I need another collab STAT, btw.)

"Talk That Talk"

RihannaVEVO on YouTube

To be completely honest, I think Jay-Z's verse sounds kinda phoned-in (¯\_(ツ)_/¯), but "Talk That Talk" is still incredibly infectious.

"Cockiness (Love It)"

RihannaVEVO on YouTube

"Cockiness (Love It)" is super-duper weird, yes... but in the best way?


Rihanna7Lyrics on YouTube

Gotta love that Ginuwine "Pony" sample.

"Right Now"

XIXVLyrics on YouTube

David Guetta and Rihanna make magic together.

"Who's That Chick?"

David Guetta on YouTube

See above.

"The Last Song"

The perfect evening closer.

Happy New Year, Navy!

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