Bernie Sanders Flies Coach

Bernie Sanders is a class act. Just try and dispute that; you'll have a very difficult time. And now there's even more evidence supporting my statement in the form of a trending hashtag on Twitter, #SandersOnAPlane. Users have been using the hashtag to post photos of Bernie Sanders flying coach alongside everyday passengers, candidly revealing how populist the Vermont senator really is. While other candidates might pose with the people on campaign stops for camera ops, many of them rely on private charter flights. In stark contrast, Sanders waits at his gate to board just like everyone else and can often be found squished in the dreaded middle seat. Could Bernie Sanders be the most humble politician in history?

Started by Twitter user Amber Adcock, the #SandersOnAPlane hashtag is meant to spread Sanders' extremely populist and relatable appeal. In a caption accompanying a photo of Sanders in coach class, Adcock writes:

Bernie Sanders flies coach. He respects the money you give him enough to spend it wisely. This more than anything shows he is just an ordinary guy that anyone can relate to.

Let's spread as many images as we can find of him flying coach, with the hashtag #SandersOnAPlane.

The hashtag quickly took off (no pun intended) as numerous Twitter users started posting the presidential candidate sitting in coach or waiting at the gate passing for anyone's uncle traveling for the holidays.

But these travel photos are just one of the many reasons why Sanders is pretty much the most humble politician who's ever existed. Here are seven more.

He Does Not Have A Super PAC

Sanders is virtually the only candidate in the 2016 election to not have a Super PAC supporting his campaign. As a firm proponent of taking big money out of politics, Sanders refuses to take donations from corporations or wealthy individuals, instead relying on small donations as little as $5.

He Refuses To Attack Opponents

In addition to corporate funding, Sanders also refuses to run a negative campaign. Unlike many of his fellow 2016 candidates, he has not run a single negative ad on an opponent.

He Stands Up For Them Instead


During the first Democratic debate, when the topic of Hillary Clinton's email scandal was broached, Sanders cut in and said, "I think the secretary is right. The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!" Earlier this month, after Donald Trump made a horrifyingly offensive comment about Clinton taking a bathroom break during the most recent Democratic debate, Sanders jumped to her defense once more, shutting the Republican candidate down and saying, "I've got to be honest with you. I've got to lay it out on the table: I also went to the bathroom."

He Eats At Soul Food Diners

Before his rally in Atlanta, Sanders enjoyed a soul food dinner at the city's famed Busy Bee Cafe with rapper Killer Mike.

He Doesn't Turn Everything Into A Strategic Photo Op


In October, it was revealed that Sanders had met Sandra Bland's mother during a chance encounter in D.C. However, instead of turning the meeting into a publicized photo op for political gain, Sanders kept the moment sacred and didn't tell a single soul. It was Reverend Hannah Bonner, who was dining with Bland's mom when they ran into Sanders, who recounted the story to the public. That kind of integrity is rarely seen in most humans, let alone a politician.

He Didn't Fight Back Against Protesters

In August, when Black Lives Matter protesters disrupted a Sanders rally in Seattle, instead of asking security to escort them out, the senator gave them the mic and podium and let them finish. In contrast, Trump had a protester thrown out and said that he "should have been roughed up."

He Used To Walk To Work

Before he was flying coach from city to city on the campaign trail, Sanders was walking to work every day.