Shop Taylor Swift's Blue "Out Of The Woods" Dress

Forget the boring, standard little black dress aka the "LBD." It's all about a new LBD — that is, the little blue dress Taylor Swift wears in the "Out of the Woods" video. Swift actually wears two distinct and feminine blue dresses as she battles nature, the elements, and a pack of wolves in the clip for another song that is reportedly about her short but life-changing relationship with One Direction's Harry Styles.

Actually, fans have noted that the long, pleated blue dress she wears in the video looks eerily similar to the one she wore on the boat ride of shame after her split with Styles in January of 2013. Well, that would be a case of life imitating art. It's also an emotionally impactful detail.

The video also borrows its aesthetic from Twilight, which starred another former Swift paramour in the form of Taylor Lautner, thanks to the vines, the predators, and sweeping pastoral views.

The first dress is pleated and belted, has flow, and is bluer than her eyes. Swift wears it while barefoot and battling nature.

This blue dress takes a beating, literally, as Swift navigates drastic climate changes, traverses a snowy mountain, tumbles to the sea, and crawls through a muddy bog.

As she is being chased by the wolf pack, its leader even tears a piece of the fabric. BTW, Lautner's Jacob was also a wolf, so there's that.

It's so delicate, even though Swift's character isn't.

The dress is so damn pretty.

The second frock is a simple blue slip dress. At first, I thought the main dress had shed some length and bulk, which isn't shocking, given what it and its wearer had been through.

But it’s actually two different dresses and they represent two versions of Swift, if that's how you interpret the video happs.

Wanna shop a similar version of the video's blue dresses?

The main dress would be lovely as a bridesmaid's dress or for prom. There are several options at a variety of price points.

'Vivienne' Pleated Chiffon Gown, $280, Nordstrom

This pleated chiffon Jenny Yoo "Vivienne" frock is in the same family but it's not an exact match. You could easily have it hemmed to a tea length. It's pricy, but it's lovely.

Picadilly Pleated Dress W/ Belt, $390, Neiman Marcus

The Raoul Piccadilly dress is the same, light and bright cornflower blue shade, complete with pleating, a belt, and pockets. It's shorter, but it's also sleeveless.

Rebecca Taylor Chiffon Dress, $328, Neiman Marcus

This chiffon, empire-waisted Rebecca Taylor option is more of a cobalt color, but its shape is super similar.

Sleeveless V-Neck Pleated Chiffon Gown, $238, Bloomingdales

It may be cobalt, but this Vera Wang dress is probably the most similar to Swift's silhouette. It could also be hemmed to further mimic her dress.

Infinity Halter Sleeveless Chiffon Dress, $34.84, Shein

The top is halter, the color is ombre, and the belt is silver. But this dress is also of the same spirit.

As for the slip dress?

Foxy Silk Slip, $78, Free People

Try this slinky, seafoam version.

Just Because Slip, $68, Free People

This slip is strappier and sexier! You definitely want to wear boy shorts underneath.

Slip Dress, $88, Free People

This shredded slip dress is what Swift's main dress should have ended up looking like, given all she went through.

Those are some solid options for rocking Swift's "Out of the Woods" looks.

Watch the "Out of the Woods" video.

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