Beyonce's Stylist Created A Phone Case For Selfies

There are so many tips, tricks, and techniques for taking better selfies. From Instagram filters to posture to pout angles, taking selfies has become an art. However, Beyonce's stylist invented a way to take better selfies via a lighted phone case. So whether it's a no makeup selfie or one meant to capture an important life moment or event, the handy dandy Ty-Lite protective case created by Ty Hunter will at least give you proper, built-in lighting choices.

Screw the selfie stick; it ain't got nothing on the Ty-Lite. Who needs a decorative Hello Kitty or Moschino phone case when you can have one that serves a really important social media purpose? Good lighting is hard to come by, as any selfie-a-holic knows.

How does the Ty-Lite, which sells for $79.99, work?

Well, the case's LED lights wrap around the outer perimeter of the case and they work in tandem with the front-facing camera so you can glow, baby, glow. The case actually reminds me of a dressing room mirror. But instead of individual bulbs, it's surrounded by a halo of light!

There are three settings that you can adjust based on location and activity. Seeking a glossy or dewy look? The "Warm" setting answers that call, while the "Cool" setting is designed for outdoor shots. So if you're out walking your dog and you feel the insatiable urge to post a selfie, you'll want to rock "Cool."

There's also the "Brillant" setting for all occasions and environments.

Check out that light! It's like paparazzi flashbulbs, yo!

What's cool about the Ty-Lite is that you can dim the brightness in each light setting to your preferred level, so it's fully customizable. It has its own battery, as well, so it won't drain power from your ever-shrinking charge. Ty-Lite's personal charge can last two weeks to a month, depending on how much you use it.

Yes, Hunter has put a Ty-Lite aside for Bey because duh. He even told Glamour that celebs are clamoring for their own Ty-Lite. "They say that they don't even need to use a filter when they're using it," he told the publication.

Whoa! That means less time swiping through to choose the "right" filter!

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What was Hunter's impetus for creating the Ty-Lite? His reasons are actually basic and obvious.

"I'm such a selfie king and just wanted that extra light," the stylist admitted to Glamour, noting he was inspired while FaceTiming a friend who was in bed and didn't look very good. "Light is so important to look your best."

The Ty-Lite case is available for all versions of the iPhone 6, with more options coming this month.

Here are some of Bey's best selfies in the past year to give you something to aspire to if you grab a Ty-Lite.

Those lips!

No makeup and flawless. I mean, Bey doesn't really need filters or a lighted case. That glow is natural.

An artsy hair shot!

The brows! That's some perfection right there.

Mommy and me time!

Goofing off in black and white and with Kelly Rowland.

If you often wish you had better selfie lighting and aren't on, like, you know, a profesh photo shoot, you may want to consider grabbing a Ty-Lite. You'll totally be able to look like you woke up "like this."

Images: Ty-Lite Official/Instagram (1); Beyonce/Instagram (6); Ty-Lite (1)