Clothes That Got You In Trouble In The '90s

We made a lot of questionable fashion choices in our teen years, but every single one of them were fun to test out. While some where less exciting than others, there were a couple of trends that got us in trouble in the '90s, whether because they were too risqué and revealing, might lead to a rebellious streak, or were just down-right inappropriate. Even though at the time we might have told our parents to chill over the myriad of crop tops and low rise jeans we owned, maybe in hindsight we can now understand why they were slightly worried. But when you grew up watching Britney Spears dance with anacondas, Beyonce dance in handkerchief crop tops, and the Spice Girls break it down in shiny, tube top dresses, you're going to get some ideas of your own.

That and your younger years are meant to ruffle some feathers right? Along with '90s staples like Dr. Pepper Smackers and Sporty Spice pigtail buns came some more interesting trends like teeny tiny denim skirts and boob tube tops. All of which our parents hated. below are eight trends that got us in trouble in the '90s — are you guilty of any of them?

1. Low Rise Jeans

Whether you were in grade school or high school, low rise flared jeans were the it-thing to wear. You would channel your inner "Genie in the Bottle" Christina Aguilera persona, or put fear into your father's heart by rocking your best impression of Britney Spears circa "I'm a Slave 4 You," completing the look with a midriff-grazing top and — if you were worth your salt — a belly button ring. Dad would tell you to change, mom would glare at you through the rear-view mirror on the way to school, and, if need be, you'd smuggle the pants in a backpack where you'd change if the parentals tried to censor your ~fashion choices.~

2. Shorts With Words On The Butt

Twerk, Plain and Simple; $27;

These seem innocent enough, but when your shorts said things like "Juicy" and "Naughty" then there would be some cause for alarm as you were trying to head out of your parents' house. Actually, scratch that. Anything that brought attention to your teenage butt would get the adults' noses out of joint, but that only made the pants all the more appealing. Because, youth in revolt.

3. Snap Bracelets

Dazzling Toys Hearts/animal Print Slap Bracelets; $6.99;

Though they came in a myriad of kitschy patterns and designs, these would mostly get you in trouble because you'd end up using them as weapons and getting into snap-wars in school. Anything to entertain yourself during math class, right?

4. Sporty Skorts With Platform Sneakers

Jeffrey Campbell Synergy Platform Sneakers; $80;

The skorts came super short, and when paired with chunky, tall platform sneakers they gave off a pedo-esque "Baby Spice" vibe that no parent enjoyed seeing. But in the era of Spice Girls and and "Clueless," this getup was just the thing to get you cool-girl status.

5. Tattoo Chokers

Jane Stone Choker; $4.00;

Tattoo chokers gave off the vibe that you smoked in the last stall in the school's bathroom and that you hung out way, way past curfew. Whether that was actually the case didn't matter, but when you're in your formative, rebellious years, it was fun to try and act like the troubled teen when the adults were looking. That and some parents (see: my worrisome, Slavic mother) saw them as like a gateway real tattoos.

6. Teeny Tiny Denim Skirts

You remember that rule where you could only wear a skirt to school as long as it touched your finger tips? Well, it was virtually impossible to find a denim skirt that actually met that requirement. Instead, stores only produced pieces that could double as denim napkins, where they flirtly skimmed over the tops of you thighs and looked just perfect with your fake-varsity-team t-shirts. You can only imagine how many times a kid was told to change while trying to leave the house in one of those.

7. Boob Tube Tops

They were tube tops that hit just the middle of your rib cage, and usually came in a shiny, almost plastic-feeling material that made you look like you went digging through your Barbie's closet. Usually worn with the ever-stylish choice of baggy cargo pants, the majority of us were channeling our inner pop stars when we tried to sneak the fashion choice out of the house.

8. Handkerchief Tops

These literally looked like an unfolded biker's handkerchief...just with straps. Even though it was a real top, parentals would look at it and see you walking around with a napkin pretending to be a shirt and bug out. That and because it never reached below your bellybutton, the style choice was always a cause for a lecture.

9. Plaid Mini Skirts

"Clueless" made them famous, but all our parents saw when they looked at them was "schoolgirl fettish." Which, you know, they had a point.

Images: Toy Plane Industries (1); Customized Girl (1); Shopbop (1); Amazon (2); Paramount Pictures (1)