This Is How You Avoid Post-Workout Hair Washing

Many of my friends and colleagues, as well as the celebs I write about, confess a dirty little beauty secret. They don't wash their hair every day. That's a cringe-and-gasp-inducing thought for me. I have oily follicles so I wash daily, yet my hair is still super, duper shiny. Thank you, Pantene conditioner! I'm the anomaly, since the vast majority of people I know (and cover) skip their daily and time-consuming wash. However, the one scenario where I imagine that even infrequent washers want to suds up is immediately after a vigorous workout.

I mean, it makes sense. Exercise leads to sweaty, smelly, dirty, and sticky hair with an added dose of product residue.

But you know what? All that "stuff" adds texture and the coveted "next day" hair that I personally have to use loads of product to achieve.

However, washing hair right after a workout isn't always an option. What if you work out during your lunch hour or between classes and only have enough time to shower your body and can't deal with a wet head that needs styling? Even though I wash daily, there have been times where I can't wash right after exercising, so I have learned to take advantage of dirty hair, however temporary.

This is how my hair looks every day! See, super shiny!

I know it's my best feature.

This is how my strands look when I walk dogs at my local animal shelter on Saturdays and Sundays. I usually do so before I shower, with slept in, unwashed hair. Walking the pups is strenuous, butt-kicking, and sweaty — it's like taking a spin class, but with better benefits, like puppy kisses and quality companionship

After walk time, which is my workout, I run errands, like going to the bank, Starbucks, Target, or Pet Valu. It depends. If I am going to be out for two or more hours, I not only wipe down my armpits with baby wipes. I also make the most of the dirty hair texture in the following ways.

Follow my lead to avoid washing your hair after a workout or a gym sesh.

1. Dry Shampoo

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Shampoo, $11, Amazon

Duh! Dry shampoo helps zap the oils and the dirt, making hair look and feel clean and refreshed. I am a devotee of Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Shampoo, because it smells amazing and maximizes the wavy texture I get when my hair is dirty. There is hardly a shortage of deliciously scented dry shampoos that will give you the feeling (for me, it's illusion) of clean hair.

2. The Messy Updo

Scunci Effortless Beauty No-Damage Hair Elastics, $4, Amazon

Here's what I do after exercising on those super hot days. I never wear my hair up, but when it's wet and icky, I throw it into a messy topknot. You can do the same, after some time on the elliptical, to get hair away from your face. Brush it, twist it up into a pony or a bun, and go about your business. You may want to include dry shampoo in this process as well.

3. Texturizing Spray

Drybar Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray, $37, Amazon

Since hair is already enjoying a "natural" texture from the sweat and beyond, I further exploit the fake waves by adding product. I carry a mini bottle of DryBar's Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray. I spritz liberally. Mixed with the dirt and sweat, the result is serious and instant beachy waves or bedhead. I feel freed of the tyranny of having super straight strands. Honestly, it's a nice, messy change of pace.

Those are three ways you can effectively avoid washing your hair after working out, all the while looking, smelling, and feeling good. Plus, messy hair pairs well with the natural flush that comes with exercise and physical activity, which sends blood coursing through your veins.

I forgot to mention sometimes I get dog saliva in my hair, so that's another element that adds to my "texture."

Images: Fotolia; Amy Sciarretto/Instagram (4); Courtesy DryBar (1)