Are 'Dance Moms' Costumes Reused? The Answer May Surprise You

One of the best parts about Dance Moms — and just dance performances in general — is seeing the decorative and elaborate costumes onstage. But with all of the dance routines, competitions and performances, it makes you wonder whether they reuse costumes on Dance Moms or if they get a new costume for every routine.

The good news (for both the environment and the Dance Moms' budgets) is that they do reuse costumes for performances, and it all depends on which girls wore the costume the first time around and which costume makes sense for the dance and music choices.

Between the first season and the third season, they reused several costumes, like the Dance Moms frost costume, which was worn by Maddie Ziegler for a few solos and then again by the team, and then the reused it once again in the forth season. A lot of girls would wear the same costumes for solos that the team would wear for group routines, which makes sense.

My only question is, what do they do with the costumes once the girls outgrow them? They're all children, so I imagine they tend to grow a lot each year. I wonder if they pass them down to younger dancers or hold onto them as a keepsake after wearing them for a few routines.

Check out the following video to peep some reused costumes from the first few seasons of the show: