How Would 'GoT' Be Different If Ygritte Survived?

by Maura O'Malley

At this point, there is basically a gigantic graveyard worth of characters that author George R.R. Martin has killed off in his A Song of Ice and Fire book series. You'd think that knowing their deaths were coming would make me able to deal with seeing them happen on the HBO series based off of the ASOIAF series, Game Of Thrones — but, sure enough, when the characters leapt from page to screen in HBO's Game of Thrones, my affection for them only grew, and I was still totally devastated when they were killed off on the show. (Except when Joffrey was killed off, good riddance on that one). But, there is one character whose death I feel was a total mistake: Without question, Ygritte should still be alive in Game Of Thrones.

For one, Ygritte — the feisty redheaded-wilding who stole Jon Snow's heart and tried to kill him on multiple occasions — is my favorite Game of Thrones character. Firstly, I am a fan of anyone who can rock an outfit like the one she wears, and secondly, Ygritte is a total feminist badass: She doesn't let "the man" or any men get her down. Right on, sister!

This is why I was all kinds of sad when Ygritte was killed by Olly in Season 4. Yes, she was sort of trying to kill Jon Snow, but that doesn't mean she deserved to die! She was distraught! We all make poor choices. If fact, I feel confident in arguing that Game of Thrones would be a totally different show if Ygritte was still alive.

If you, like me, can't stop thinking about what Game of Thrones would be like if Ygritte was still alive, then good news — because it has become a mini-obsession for me, I took the time to figure out exactly what would be different in the show. Like her one-liner quips, if Ygritte was still around, the number of possible storylines would be endless:

All Hail, Queen Ygritte!

If Ygritte was still alive, maybe Jon and her could have worked things out. Then they could have become king and queen of the wildings, and make a play for the Iron Throne. No one would have seen that come coming!

True Love Does Exist

Westeros is a very sad place: Literally no one is in a loving, happy relationship. The only contenders for Westeros' happiest couple were Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand — but Martell is now dead, so that 'ship has sunk. If Ygritte was still alive though, maybe, just maybe, her and Jon Snow could prove that true love can exist in Westeros. Instead she was killed by one of Jon Snow's Night's Watch crew. It's just all so freaking tragic.

More Cave Scenes

The only thing I love more than the witty banter between Ygritte and Jon is love scenes with Ygritte and Jon. Preferably in a cave.

Arya And Ygritte Could Have Been BFFs

Two strong ladies fighting their way to survive? Yeah, I would give anything to see these two characters meet.

There Would Be More Moments Like This

Ygritte, defying gender expectations one Game of Thrones episode at a time.

She'd Tell Jon Snow What's Good

Jon Snow makes a lot of poor choices and he trusts too many people. The one person who always told him the truth was Ygritte — especially when he was being an idiot. (Case-in-point: Ygritte is dead, and Jon was betrayed and possibly killed by Olly, whom he trusted.) If she were around, Ygritte would have seen right through the situation, and Jon never would have been attacked.

Jon Would Not Have Been Stabbed And There Would Still Be Peace

In Season 5, Jon Snow brokers an alliance between the Night's Watch and the Free Folk. Jon entered the agreement in part because of his love for and fond memories of Ygritte. If she was still alive, Jon never would have become Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. This means that peace between the Free Folk and the Night's Watch would have been harder to come by — but would not be impossible. Also when the alliance was finally formed without Jon in control, it never would have lead to an uprising by members of the Watch, or Jon's eventual (possible) death.

So there you have it. All of the ways Game of Thrones would be better if Ygritte, aka the greatest Game Of Thrones character to ever exist, was still alive. And one last note:

Yep, Ygritte and Jon totally should have stayed in the cave.

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