Johnny Depp Says He's Thankful For Wife Amber Heard "Putting Up With" Him

It's always sweet when celebrity couples publicly share their love for one another, and this latest declaration is no exception. During an acceptance speech at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Saturday, Johnny Depp gave a shoutout to his wife Amber Heard. According to US Weekly, the actor, accepting the Desert Palm Achievement Award, said, “I also have to thank my wife Amber for putting up with me, for living with all these characters, which can’t be easy. It’s hard for me — it’s got to be hard for her.”

Aww. It's nice to hear Depp speaking out about his relationship with Heard, which has caused much speculation over the years. The actor, 52, met his 29-year-old wife on the set of the 2011 adaption of Hunter S. Thompson's The Rum Diary, though they didn’t officially step out together as a couple until two years later. They have been publicly together since June 2012, following Depp's split from ex-wife Vanessa Paradis. Although the pair's break-up was shocking to many, it seems that all is now OK in that regard, as Depp told The Telegraph in October that “There’s no weirdness at all and no hostility. Life happens and we spent 14 great years together and have raised a couple of kids who we are both incredibly proud of."


Depp and new wife Heard (they married in February) have dealt with their own share of rumors about their relationship. In a cover story for ELLE last year, Heard squashed rumors that she was married to Depp for any reason beyond their love for one another, saying to the magazine, "I feel like I'm constantly fighting against my exterior, or this exterior presentation of myself because of how I look or perhaps because of who I'm with." Continued the actor, "The thing that really scares me is the potential of losing my freedom. I never want for my life to lose the ability to transverse the world, with freedom and ease. The freedom and ease I have worked so hard to acquire for myself."

And in response to rumors of a rocky relationship with Depp, the actress told The Independent on Friday, "I try not to react to the horrible misrepresentation of our lives, but it is strange and hard."

Depp, meanwhile, has spoken up about the happiness he has with Heard. "Simplicity, that's what I want," Depp told The Telegraph. "It's been a rare commodity for me for a number of years, but I enjoy being able to hang out with my girl, read the newspaper and sit back and start to read a book by someone I admire [...] And that's it – simplicity, where the game of Hollywood doesn't exist."

In spite of their 23-year age difference, the couple seems to be quite happy together (not to mention stylish — have you seen those coordinated outfits?). A public shout-out like the one Depp gave at the Palm Springs Festival may be a rare occurrence, but clearly, these two are as content as can be in their marriage.