What Happened To Becca On 'The Bachelor'? Chris Soules Was Seriously Smitten

When The Bachelor premieres Monday night, prepare for to see a very familiar face pull up to the mansion... for the second year in a row. In case you haven't heard the news, Becca Tilley is joining Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor , and I'm pretty pumped about it. After getting shafted by Chris Soules, I've always felt like Becca deserved a second stab at love (with the help of Chris Harrison, anyway), so I'm thrilled that we get to see her try again. But if you didn't watch last season — or you've been too excited about Ben that you've forgotten all about Prince Farming — you might be wondering what happened to Becca on The Bachelor .

You know how there's always a sprinkling of contestants who cause nonstop drama, cry about everything, and try to sabotage the other women? Yeah, that definitely wasn't Becca. In fact, she was pretty low key through the entire season... so much so that it was a little surprising when she ended up in Chris' final roundup. But being that she's obviously such a sweetheart and super gorgeous, Chris would have been lucky to spend his life with her, and week after week, she was still standing at the end of every rose ceremony.

But then, once hometown dates rolled around, things got a little tricky. Because when Chris met Becca's family during hometown dates, he found out pretty quickly that they're very protective of her — and that dating isn't something she does often, because she only spends time with guys she can see a future with. And early on, Becca had admitted to the other women that she was a virgin, but she held that information back from Chris until it was, you know, actually pertinent. It made Chris a little apprehensive, but ultimately, he kept Becca around for the fantasy suite dates, and when it came time to make another elimination, Becca made his final two.

The one thing holding Becca back all season was the fact that she takes her time when she falls in love — a quality that I find pretty admirable. Instead of jumping in headfirst to a lifetime on an Iowa farm, Becca didn't want to commit to too much too soon. Unfortunately, Whitney (the other contestant in the top two) was open about being 100 percent ready to get married and start a family on Chris' beloved farm, and at the end, Chris went with the sure bet.

True to her character, even when Chris rejected her, Becca stayed the decent, awesome person she was all season. In fact, she seemed to accept that it was for the best, and that was that. And honestly? It probably was. Becca wasn't ready for the level of commitment Chris was looking for, and instead of ending up in a relationship that might have ended unhappily, she remained free.... and then, along comes Ben.

And no offense to Chris or anything, but let's be real: Ben seems like a way better choice for Becca than Chris ever was.

I'm looking forward to seeing her in the mansion again this season. Hopefully, things turn out better for her this time around. Since Ben seems to like moving slow, they might just be perfect for you.

And by the way, if you're not following Becca on Twitter or Instagram yet, you totally need to be. Her feed is gold.

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