Kenya Met Her Father On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' And Let Her Healing Begin

How much can you trust Kenya Moore? Usually, the answer is somewhere between "about as far as Sheree Whitfield can throw her" and "as far as Porsha can push her." But when Kenya met up with her father on Real Housewives of Atlanta , it was actually an emotional moment that might be genuine. Of course, there's no way to know for sure if her crying was real, but she has mentioned her problems with her dad growing up before, saying how most of her family abandoned her when she was young, and how much the relationship means to her.

The two spent most of their time together talking about dating and relationships, with her dad pushing her to settle down and Kenya insisting that she wants a relationship that will last, not one that will only last for a little while. Her dad asks her if she keeps a "scorecard" because that's how he dates around, which is pretty strange, but no more so than Kenya's travels to a relationship seminar in a flashback. Kenya has always had issues with with finding a relationship that suits her needs, but maybe she'll have more luck now that she's had an emotional breakthrough with her dad.

And when they weren't talking about the state of their relationship or the state of Kenya's love life, Kenya brought her dad to see her currently under construction home, and, according to her Twitter, he helped her with the renovation.

Kenya even revealed that when she was living with her father in Houston as a teenager, she ran away from home and went back to Detroit, damaging their relationship for many years. Kenya shares that she didn't even realize how much her running away hurt her dad, and then got emotional over losing her relationship with her mother. But even though Kenya's dad is from Detriot, he was hesitant to commit to traveling to the city for their family reunion. Hopefully Kenya has more luck with that party than some of her other shindigs with the 'wives.

Kenya's dad didn't wind up committing to the plan, but she's traveling to Detroit in the next episode, so maybe she's due to have a reunion with her mother... because the Housewife always winds up coming up with the most dramatic way to do anything.

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