Rihanna's Nerdy Glasses Are Librarian Sexy

While we're all wondering if and wishing that Rihanna's new album ANTI will land in 2016, one thing remains certain regarding the pop princess and that's her impeccable and trend-influencing sense of style. Rihanna wore nerdy black reading glasses while out and about this past weekend and the frames were dramatic and extreme. She also slayed that sexy librarian look, just like Ariana Grande did when she wore her eyeglasses!

Rihanna's reading glasses game was so strong. The super thick, black frames were an unusual hybrid of semi oval-shaped with a cat-eye effect. RiRi paired them with a red and white gingham blazer and her hair slicked back off her face. She added huge hoop earrings and a slick of pink gloss. It was insanely and effortlessly sexy. Rihanna never has to try hard; she just throws on a pair of glasses and is instantly so hot that she makes fire jealous.

That said, do Rihanna's glasses serve any sort of corrective purpose? Perhaps. Is she near-sighted? Far-sighted? Anything is possible and this is not the first time she has worn reading glasses in public. But she may be wearing glasses because she needs them to see better or she may be rocking them solely as an accessory. Either assertion is fair.

See what I mean about her glasses game being strong?

Geek chic indeed, thanks to the serious thickness of the frames. The look is also sexy as hell. These glasses are the best accessory because they eliminate the need for heavy eye makeup! The frames almost function like eyeliner, since they also shape and define the eye. Don't you love it when glasses multi-task?

If you want to challenge Rihanna's glasses dominance, you can do so with this pair. The Brit is more retro and feline in shape, but it's similar in thickness. ($14.95,

I also dig these cat-eyes by Fetch. They are super unique, fashion-forward, and statement-making. Like Rihanna herself. ($125,

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BTW, Rihanna's sunglasses game is equally as strong.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She isn't afraid to try all different shapes when it comes to shades.

If you rock reading glasses to improve your vision, why not try an extreme shape and a super thick pair like Rihanna's? I wear contacts and glasses. When it comes to the latter, the nerdier and the more unusually shaped, the better.

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