The New Starbucks Drink Is The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

My friends, today the world is smiling on you, because the new Starbucks Latte Macchiato is on its way — which is great, because the holidays are officially over, and we're all left feeling a little sluggish and melancholy. As such, you probably have one very important question on your mind regarding this new drink: is there caffeine in a Starbucks Latte Macchiato? The idea of making it through the entire winter without a single extra day off is almost too much to bear — and you might just need a little pick-me-up to get you through these first few days back to reality.

The Latte Macchiato is the newest permanent (yes, I said permanent!) addition to Starbucks' espresso beverage menu, which includes six different drinks ranging from more mild and creamy to bold and strong. The coffee giant announced the addition of the Flat White last year, and honestly, this new drink looks a lot like a reversed Flat White. But, there's one fundamental difference. For the Latte Macchiato, the espresso is added to the milk — not the other way around. Share that little trivia tidbit with your barista, and you're sure to be an impressive customer.

What's the result? A gorgeous beverage that I think is even prettier than the Flat White, with multiple creamy, contrasting layers. I'd say it looks too good to drink, but let's be honest — I'm totally going to drink it anyway.

But, even with all of that beauty and deliciousness, there's really only one question you need answered on an exhausting and overwhelming Monday morning back at the office — does the Latte Macchiato have caffeine in it?

The short answer: yes, the Latte Macchiato contains caffeine. With only two ingredients — steamed milk and espresso — it's pretty easy to ascertain that this drink has that magical element that's sure to give you a little post-holiday boost.

But, how much caffeine? A Starbucks rep tells Bustle that a tall Latte Macchiato has approximately 150 mg of caffeine. In case that number doesn't mean anything to you, let's do some comparisons. A grande Pike Place Roast has 260 mg of caffeine, and a can of soda has only 29 mg. So, the Latte Macchiato likely falls somewhere between a polite caffeine nudge and a much-needed coffee kick in the pants.

Basically, it sounds like the perfect beverage to ease us back into the tortures of reality. The Latte Macchiato will be available in Starbucks stores in the U.S., Canada, and select locations in Latin American on Jan. 5. So, get ready to grab your own, and start to get over those post-holiday blues.

Images: Starbucks (2), Giphy