When Is Ariana Grande x MAC In Stores? Very Soon!

The wait is almost over, Arianators and MAC-o-philes! When will Ariana Grande x MAC be available? The news that the singer would be taking over for Miley Cyrus as the annual spokesperson for the MAC's VIVAGLAM lip product range was announced in the fall, with January being the only solid reference as to "when" we could purchase the products. Well, January is here and we're all wondering when we can buy the vampy, purple, and matte VIVAGLAM lipstick or the shimmery, bubblegum pink Lip Glass. Well, the answer is very soon, if this Instagram post from an Ariana Grande news account is accurate.

The arianagrandeupdatesx Instagram account posted a photo of Grande's MAC VIVAGLAM ad, stating it appeared on the back cover of Seventeen magazine. Good eye, Arianators.

According to the fine print at the bottom of the ad, which features the familiar promotional image of Grande in front of a pink and purple painted mural of herself and in supremely sexy, over-the-knee black boots, the collection will be available online on Jan. 19 and in stores on Jan. 21.

So, basically, you can shop the collection in just over two weeks.

Hold on. Okay, I'm back. I just had to stop and do a happy dance and shriek with glee! I am so coveting the gloss.

Bustle reached out to MAC reps to confirm that these are indeed the correct dates for the launch of Grande x MAC VIVAGLAM. We'll keep you posted once we hear back.

Every cent of the selling price of the MAC x VIVAGLAM lip products goes to the MAC AIDS Fund, which benefits persons living with with HIV. So you are able to do something good while rocking trendy lip hues.

The brand introduces new VIVAGLAM shades every year, along with a new celeb spokesperson. Excitement over Grande's appointment as the latest VIVAGLAM rep has been fevered, especially since the lipstick and Lip Glass shades live on opposite sides of the shade spectrum, giving off a bad girl (purple) and good girl (pink) vibe, respectively.

Get ready to point and click on Jan. 19 and to shop counters and boutiques on Jan. 21, Arianators and MAC mavens! I expect these shades to sell out upon initial launch but I also expect a quick restock, since VIVAGLAM items are staples for the brand.

Images: arianagrandeupdatesx/Instagram (1); MAC (1)