Who Is Maegan Miller? This 'Bachelor' Contestant Is More Than A Little Bit Country

If you've been counting down the days until the new season of The Bachelor premieres, you are not alone. If you, like me, have been obsessing over every little tidbit from the upcoming season — which will focus on The Bachelorette favorite from Kaitlyn Bristowe's season, Ben Higgins, finding his own love match — and gathering your fellow Bachelor Nation fans to make predictions about how each contestant will fare once the show premieres, you are also not alone. So let's talk the low-down on one hopeful in particular: who is Maegan Miller on The Bachelor and how good are her chances of wooing Higgins' heart?

According to her ABC bio, this Bachelor contestant is from the small town of Weatherford, Texas, which is just outside the larger metropolitan city of Fort Worth, so does that make her a country girl through and through? Well, her occupation is listed as Cowgirl so I would say that answers the question. Miller isn't quite "a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll," she's more, "a whole lotta country." The trailers show she even wears cowboy boots to the first night cocktail party (and that isn't all she brings from home!). So here are six things you need to know about Maegan Miller before she makes her big splash on Jan 4.

1. She's A Cowgirl

Not only is it listed as her occupation, she even said in her ABC bio that she's "country through and through." Really, Miller wears her cowgirl ways on her sleeve (and her feet), and it's the first thing you notice about her, which should make for a fun season!

2. She Has A Mini Horse

Not only does Miller have a mini horse, she brings him with her for the meet and greet cocktail party — that means there's no limo for her, but she does have Hughie as her date for the opening night. It's a good thing Ben doesn't seem like the jealous type.

3. She's Low-key

So what's Miller's idea of a typical Saturday night? "Sitting on the back patio with my sister, BBQ’ing and drinking some beers," she said in her bio. Nothing too fancy, just a low-key night spent with her sister, mini-horse, and chocolate lab. It sounds to me like she's the kind of person you could talk to very easily.

4. She's Direct

When asked how she'd approach a guy, she answered in her bio that she would just strike up a conversation by asking him a question, so she's direct when she knows what she wants. Miller is also not above "ass grabbing" either, which she claims "always works great!"

5. She's Fearless

Apparently, according to her Bachelor bio, Miller is technically afraid of snakes, but also said "I’ll chop their heads off with a shovel if I find them on our property!" So, a girl that can tackle her own fear — and behead it — is some kind of fearless.

6. She Stays True to Herself

At the end of the day, Miller just wants to be who she is, she said in her bio, "Honestly I’m never happy if I’m not being my complete self." You have to respect someone who isn't afraid to be themselves!

So, Miller may have a bit of a wild streak in her, and we'll have to see if her personality gels with Higgins this season on The Bachelor.

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Images: Rick Rowell, Craig Sjodin/ABC