Is Britney Spears Dropping A New Song Soon? Let's Examine The Evidence

We're only four days into 2016, and we're already experiencing the year's first major pop music emergency: Britney Spears may have a new song coming out soon. This is not a drill, people. In fact, the Princess of Pop could debut something as early as this week! Whoa-whoa-whoa. Here's the deal: On Sunday, in-demand music producer DJ Mustard announced he's dropping a new track on Fri., Jan. 8 that features a mystery artist — and some music sleuths think it could be Spears. Why? I'll give you a rundown...

DJ Mustard revealed that he'd hit the studio with Spears all the way back in July 2015 during an interview with UK radio station Capital FM. (He called his song with the 34-year-old superstar "harder than hard.") Then, a few months later, he described the tune as a "super big hit" when he took over Billboard's Snapchat account in November 2015, and even confirmed on Twitter that it would arrive "soon." Does "soon" mean this upcoming Friday? It's definitely a possibility.

After all, Spears' manager, Larry Rudolph, told Billboard in March 2015 that the singer was going to focus on "putting out a few great singles" before she worried about putting out a whole new album. Thus far, Spears has only given us one (kinda mediocre) single — "Pretty Girls" with Iggy Azalea— so it stands to reason that she'll release at least a couple more new tracks before the premiere of her next LP. Not convinced yet? Perhaps this next piece of evidence will do the trick...

On Sunday, DJ Mustard launched a countdown for his forthcoming song on his official website.

As you can see, the featured artist's name is almost completely covered up — but that didn't stop Spears' fans from trying to figure it out! The Photoshopped image below certainly makes a compelling case:

What do you think?

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Spears is currently taking a break from her wildly successful Piece of Me show in order to make a few changes to the setlist. Will she add her collab with DJ Mustard? We'll just have to wait and see what happens when she returns in February.