Where Is Joe Giudice Going To Prison? He'll Be Serving Time With Another Bravo Star

Sadly, the tough times are not yet over for the Giudice family. Yes, Teresa Giudice was released from prison in time to celebrate Christmas with her husband and their four daughters, but the family's legal troubles are far from through. Joe Giudice will begin his own prison sentence in March 2016, and he's set to be away for a long, long time. He's be sentenced to 41 months behind bars, but where is Joe Giudice going to prison?

In a super interesting turn of events, Joe will be at the same facility as Apollo Nida. You read that right. I'm talking about Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks' estranged husband. I have all these imagined scenarios in my head about the two reality husbands interacting. And while a spin-off show about the two men definitely won't come out of this, it would be a dream come true for Bravo TV fanatics.

No matter how you feel about Joe or the crimes he was found guilty of, you have to admit that it really is a tough situation for his daughters. The only bright side in this sad situation is that Joe will be relatively local. He will remain in the Garden State when he joins Nida at the Fort Dix prison.

Fort Dix is a low security prison for male offenders located in Burlington County, N.J. A "prison insider" who spoke with Radar Online claimed that there will be no special treatment for the reality star at the facility. Fort Dix can house up to 4,655 offenders with an average prison term of 89 months.

It's definitely hard to find something positive in this situation, but the location of Joe's prison could have been farther away — Teresa was sent Danbury prison in Connecticut — so at the very least it will be possible for him to have regular visits with his family. Joe has not commented on his specific plans for staying in touch with Teresa and the girls, but the family did visit Teresa at Danbury on a pretty regular basis, so it would make sense for them to do the same for him.