What Will Happen When Joe Giudice Is Locked Up?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, is finally out of jail, life isn't going to be all sunshine and roses for the Giudice family. I hate to say it, but it's true. Yes, the reality TV icon will get to enjoy the

with her husband, four daughters, and other family members, but that initial burst of happiness is going to be pretty short lived. Teresa's husband, Joe Giudice, will have to report for his forty-one month prison sentence in March 2016. This means that the family will only have a couple months together before Joe is behind bars. But there's a big elephant in the room: what will happen when Joe Giudice goes into custody?

Sadly, the Giudice girls will have an idea of what to expect in their father's absence since they have already been through this before with their mother. That doesn't make the terrible predicament any easier, of course, but it does make the situation more familiar to the young girls than it would be otherwise. Here are seven things we expect will happen when Joe Giudice reports for his prison sentence next March.

1. The Girls Will Miss Him

This really goes without saying, but it is still very important to remember. No matter how far apart Joe is from his wife and daughters, I can only imagine that the love they share will still be there, and his daughters will be thinking of him and trying to make him proud.

2. They Will Visit

Joe will be in the Federal Correctional Institution in Fort Dix which is in New Jersey. This means that the girls will be close enough to visit. Joe and his three daughters visited Teresa when she was in a Connecticut prison, so it only makes sense for the family to

him visits as well.

3. Teresa Will Be On House Arrest... For A While

As a part of Teresa's sentence, she will be on home confinement. This doesn't mean that she cannot work or socialize, but just that these opportunities will have to come to her. So thank goodness for modern technology, allowing her to take meetings and cut

via Skype until February 5.

4. The Show Will Go On

Teresa is the biggest star on RHONJ, so it makes sense that the network won't have a season of the show without her. They will capture and capitalize on all of the

Teresa moments.

5. Everyone Will Step Up To Help

Teresa will not be on her own with this one. Her daughters have already grown up so much since she was away and I'm sure they will continue to mature and help their mother out when it comes to taking care of the family. Dina Manzo is more than Teresa's RHONJ costar, she's also Teresa's daughter Audriana's god mother and has done a lot of things with the girls while Teresa was gone, so surely Teresa can count on her to help out.

6. The Giudices & Gorgas Will Come Together

We all saw the Gorgas supporting Joe and the girls on their Bravo

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In . The two families have made big strides since the early days of the show. The children all get along and there is so much love so I am sure that the two families will band together as one during this difficult time.

7. Teresa Will Be Strong

Teresa may be a polarizing character on reality television, but I think we can all agree that her strength is admirable. She never wavers, and she always tries to have a positive attitude no matter what. She will be there for her family and her strength will guide them through the tough times.

The Giudices are survivors. No matter what happens while Joe is away, they will make it through and be stronger than ever.