Who Is Rachel Tchen From 'The Bachelor'? She's Hopeful She Can Win Ben Higgins' Heart

Another season of The Bachelor is upon us and that means that those of us in Bachelor Nation — along with this season's leading man, Ben Higgins — are about to meet a whole cast of new ladies vying for the heart of the leading man on ABC's hit reality dating competition series. While some contestants stick out because they've been on the show before, or because they'll be competing against their twin sister, one hopeful sticks out because she seems so down-to-earth. So, who is Rachel Tchen on The Bachelor, and what does she bring to this season?

Rachel falls on the younger end of the spectrum in terms of the contestants' ages since she's 23, and her profession is listed as "unemployed" in her ABC bio. But, she does have a degree in Marketing from Harding University, according to Reality Steve, and worked in Business Development for Staples Advantage. So, what else do fans need to know about Rachel? Aside from the basics from her Bachelor bio, like that her favorite music is generally Top 40 and her favorite movies include classics like The Parent Trap, Sound of Music, and Pride and Prejudice, here are six things to know about The Bachelor contestant.

1. She's Family-Oriented

Rachel lists Christmas as her favorite holiday in her Bachelor bio, but not for superficial reasons like presents but "because it always brings family together no matter what else is going on in life!" It's easy to see that the 23-year-old loves her family and she's looking forward to starting her own...

2. She's Unemployed But Has Goals

Even if she doesn't currently have a job, she does have goals for her future, which include a family — and someone to start that family with, of course! "I want so much before I’m 30: A place that feels like home, a husband, beginning to have kids, dog, money, etc," she explained in her Bachelor bio. Well, she came to the right place if she's looking for love.

3. She's A Gift Giver

According to Rachel's bio, "gift giving is [her] love language," which means it's how she expresses her love for the people in her life. Now, I have to wonder what Higgins love language is, and will he and Rachel be compatible?

4. She Prefers Romance Over Money

Speaking or love and romance, she said it's important for the man in her life to put thought into his "words and gestures" which she further explains saying, "Putting thought into actions is more important to me than money." So, the thought behind a gift is more important to Rachel than how much money was spent on it — that's something many women can agree with!

5. She Enjoys the Outdoors and Traveling

In her Bachelor bio, Tchen admitted that she prefers hot weather since there's more to do outside — like tanning — and from her Facebook profile, it seems she has traveled to Paris. So, it seems she's not afraid to go outside or go outside her comfort zone!

6. Ben Might Make Her Nervous

What makes Rachel nervous? According to her Bachelor bio, "cute guys!" So, if she thinks Higgins is cute (which, how can she not?), then he's bound to make her a little nervous. But, let's be honest, any of us would be nervous, too!

From everything I can gather, this contestant seems like a down-to-earth romantic. Here's hoping she gets over her nerves and makes a good impression during her first night on The Bachelor!

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Images: Rick Rowell, Craig Sjodin/ABC