Who Is Lina Sandberg? Scott Disick's Rumored New Girlfriend Is A Successful Model

Well, the Kardashians and their love lives seem to be shaping up to be very busy in 2016. Right at the end of 2015, rumors spread of Kourtney Kardashian hooking up with Justin Bieber and her little sister Kendall Jenner rang in 2016 frolicking on a yacht with Harry Styles in St. Barths. I was happy to see Kourtney gaining confidence and being herself as a single mom, but the rumors of her reconciliation with Scott Disick persisted. Unfortunately for those holding on to hope for the former couple, Us Weekly reports that Scott Disick is now dating Lina Sandberg, a Swedish model.

According to a source who spoke with Us, it sounds like Disick and Sandberg are in the early stages of dating and it seems to be casual. The source said, "He's seen her a few times in L.A. and thinks she's really hot. He's definitely interested and seeing where it goes." Well, this might read clearly as a good old-fashioned rebound, but I wanted to get to know Sandberg a little more, since her name will be brought up a lot, because well, this is Scott Disick and the Kardashians we're talking about.

She Is A Working Model

Sandberg is Swedish and is signed to Wilhemina LA and London, and has appeared at New York Fashion Week and campaigns for Rimmel, amongst other jobs.

She Is Based in Los Angeles

According to her Facebook, Sandberg is currently based in L.A., which makes her meeting Disick all the more possible.

She Is Scott's Type

Disick likes beautiful brunettes with dark features, and Sandberg has all of those things. She almost looks like a mix of Selena Gomez and Gemma Arterton, right?

She Could Have A Future In Acting

According to her Facebook, she signed with Innovative Artists in Los Angeles in October, which is an acting talent agency. This likely means that Sandberg is preparing her move to the world of film.

She Is A Proud Dog Mommy

Sandberg posts many photos of her adorable pomeranian, who she calls "her best friend in the whole world."

She & Scott Might Have Some Mutual Friends

Sandberg shared a photo of herself on the video set for "Blow A Check" by Diddy, which features Zoey Dollaz and French Montana. A few months ago, Disick appeared in French Montana's music video. Maybe Sandberg met Disick at this new shoot? Maybe they were already hanging out? The world may never know.

It seems like Sandberg has been very successful on her own merit, and hopefully she can handle all the attention that is sure to come her way very soon.

Images: lina.sandberg/Instagram