‘Ellen DeGeneres’ Renewed For Five More Years Means More Celebrity Scares, So Start Celebrating

Good news for all of your daytime television fans out there: The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been renewed for another five years. The show will continue to air new episodes on NBC stations through the summer of 2020, which means the world can look forward to many more clips of DeGeneres scaring the crap out of celebrities. Or, as I like to refer to it: My favorite thing on television. Because, really, there is nothing better in my mind than a healthy dose of physical comedy, and when the pratfalls and silly scares come from an unsuspecting participant, it’s even better.

And when that participant is a celebrity, someone whose image is perfectly crafted by publicists, personal trainers, and a slew of assistants? That bit of physical comedy becomes downright glorious, like a gift from the comedy gods. DeGeneres is queen of this type of humor, and the tradition of startling her celebrity guests, which began early on in her show's history, has become a fan-favorite throughout the years. Some of DeGeneres' show's best moments are of her scaring the crap out of celebrity guests, like the time she scared Taylor Swift in her bathroom, and the video became an internet sensation. Turns out that no matter how famous you are, you'll still scream like a baby when someone unexpected jumps out from behind a door.

And, if you ask me, this is what makes The Ellen DeGeneres show so great. The way she interviews and interacts with celebrities makes them seem so much more real and human than they are on the red carpet or in paparazzi shots. Also, let’s be real: You cannot help but laugh when you see Taylor Swift fall on the bathroom floor or Selena Gomez scream in her chair when DeGeneres leaps out at them.

So huge congratulations to the host on renewing her show! Here’s to another five years of humanizing celebrities and making us all laugh with her hilarious pranks and interviews.