This Is What A Feminist Cat Call Sounds Like

Ubiquitous and nasty, street harassment is an experience most women are intimately acquainted with. Now, thanks to the incisive folks on Twitter, feminist cat calls are a thing, revealing the true absurdity of this misogynistic practice as only humor can. Although it's unlikely real men out there will start yelling informed and intelligent twists on the usual sexist garbage talk, with enough support, maybe, just maybe, these tweets will start a revolution.

Over the past few years, street harassment has become a highly visible feminist cause after women began exposing this common occurrence through hidden cameras, broadcasting the experience for all genders. According to studies cited by Stop Street Harassment, 95-99 percent of women surveyed have experienced honking and whistling directed at them in public, and over 87 percent have experienced misogynistic comments from strangers. Even worse, 57 percent of women have had their personal space invaded by unwanted groping and touching.

With movements like Hollaback! rising up to fight this sexist scourge, and with #feministcatcalls trending, perhaps guys will finally get how awful regular catcalling truly is. A girl can dream, right? Check out these hilarious feminist cat calls:

Images: Unsplash; Twitter