The 'Zoe Ever After' Cast Is Full Of New Actors You'll Be Excited To See On Screen Alongside Star Brandy

When BET's The Game came to an end in August 2015, it left supporting star Brandy Norwood without a great role to sink her teeth into, which she definitely deserves. Luckily, that's about to change as the Jan. 5 premiere of Zoe Ever After will bring the actress/singer back in a major way, with her first starring TV role this side of Moesha. And even though they may not be as famous or beloved as Brandy, the rest of the Zoe Ever After cast consists of other amazing actors.

By starting another series starring a black woman as an entrepreneur and realistically flawed protagonist, BET will again be able to give underserved performers complex roles on a solid show, and hopefully make them as much of a household name as Brandy. And in this case, the cast is really what will make Zoe Ever After stand out, since the format is a pretty typical three-camera romantic comedy with a laugh track.

So below, meet the rest of the cast of Zoe Ever After, who will help fill in Zoe Moon's world as she tries to make it on her own, with both friends and rivals beside her.

Brandy As Zoe Moon


The star of the show is, of course, Brandy Norwood. She will be playing Zoe Moon, a new divorcee and aspiring cosmetics company owner. Obviously, Brandy is the major draw for this show, since she's both been a sitcom star in Moesha and a well-known recording artist.

Dorian Missick As Gemini Moon

Dorian Missick will be playing Zoe's ex, a famous boxer. And even though Zoe and Gemini are trying to move on as a divorced couple, I bet there will be a lot of chemistry between them, and maybe even an errant hookup. Missick is best known for his work as a supporting actor in films like The Manchurian Candidate and Lucky Number Slevin, and starred in the 2007 indie film Premium.

Ignacio Serriccho As Miguel Maldonado

Serriccho's most famous previous role is probably the super-nerdy scientist/squintern Rodolfo Fuentes on Bones, but here he's going to be playing a very different character as the handsome contractor who could be Zoe's new hookup and rebound from Gemini.

Tory Devon Smith As Valente

Smith will be playing Zoe's assistant, Valente, who should be keeping track of her life, but seems to be more successful at being a weird comedic character who will probably get all of the best lines. This is something of a big break for Smith, who hasn't had many big roles, aside from a short-lived gig as one of the leads on comedy Black or White.

Haneefah Wood As Pearl

As one of the few other female characters, Wood will be using her comedic chops to take on the role of Pearl, Zoe's publicist, who's a little love-crazed. Like Smith, Wood hasn't had very many big roles before, just some short guest stints on shows like Nurse Jackie, so this is a chance for her to shine.

Jaylon Gordon As Xavier Moon

As Zoe and Gemini's son, he's the main reason the two are ever in the same room together, and young Gordon might already be the most adorable kid on TV, which of course makes him the real star of the Zoe Ever After cast.

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