There Was An 'Even Stevens' Reunion

It's been over 12 years since Even Stevens went off the air, but no matter how many new Disney Channel shows premiere or how many experimental art exhibits Shia LaBeouf gives the world, we'll never be over this goofy little family sitcom. While the cast has gone on to new projects, they haven't forgotten their roots, as proven by an adorable Instagram photo of two reunited Even Stevens cast members. (Quick plea to the universe for me to be invited next time any late '90s sitcom cast members are hanging out.)

Christy Carlson Romano, who played the smart, studious, and perpetually "together" Ren Stevens, finally got to introduce her real-life husband, Brendan Rooney, to Tom Virtue, who played her quirky TV dad Steve Stevens. Though the cast did get together in 2009 (there are plenty of amazing photos of the Even Stevens reunion on actress Lauren Frost's blog) it doesn't look like Virtue was able to join the cast for that adventure. Perhaps the timing was serendipitous, as now Romano can introduce her TV father to her official hubby, whom she wed two years ago in Canada.

Since Even Stevens, Virtue has appeared on shows like The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, Two And A Half Men, and American Horror Story. In addition to voicing the titular character in Kim Possible, which she did for years after Even Stevens ended, she has appeared in films like Movin' In and Suicide Dolls. Of course, no matter what role either of these actors take on, we'll always know them best as members of the beloved Stevens clan.

Now all we need is for Romano to introduce her husband to the rest of the Stevens squad — anyone know if LaBeouf's got any art installations coming up?