Will Maxwell Lord & Alex Danvers Get Together On 'Supergirl'? This Underdog 'Ship Could Go The Distance

Love triangles can get a bit tiring, so forgive me if my eyes wander on Supergirl when I'm looking for a romance to root for. Is anyone else picking up a vibe from a certain tech billionaire and a certain superhero's foster sister? Will Maxwell Lord and Alex Danvers get together on Supergirl ? The DEO agent may have made a lasting bond.

The pairing already has several entires on the fanfiction site AO3, but don't take my word for it. (Does making that Reading Rainbow reference make me the LeVar Burton of fanfic? I hope sure!) Clearly, there is interest here. I am not alone. When these two are together, they strike a delicious balance between being comfortable with one another (enough to divulge personal details) and tension. It's what 'shipping dreams are made of, honestly! These two characters have a lot of chemistry and a lot of potential, but there is nary a spoiler nor a hint from the show that anything is on the wind between them. What's the deal, gang? This show isn't exactly subtle, few shows about superheroes ever are, so why do we seem to be picking up on something that nobody affiliated with the show is talking about?

Also, just in general, this 'ship is an unexpected development for both of these characters. At New York Comic-Con, before Supergirl premiered on CBS, actor Peter Facinelli hinted that his character would be paired with Cat Grant, yet the two of them have had few scenes together. Only one was particularly 'shippy, if you ask me. Meanwhile, Maxwell and Alex have worked together on numerous occasion and sparks are already flying. Are we in for a twist? I'm not for or against Cat Grant having a love interest on this show. I'd love to hear her feminist philosophies on dating while in her position of power.

Still, personally I'm rooting for Alex and Max to get together on Supergirl. This poor woman just discovered some pretty upsetting things about her father's death and her sister's an alien superhero, after all. Alex could use a little fun in her life. Maxwell Lord is charming, mysterious, and just a bit dangerous — what's more fun than that?

Images: Robert Voets/CBS; calebhaaaas, karaofel/Tumblr