What Language Did Shushanna Speak On 'The Bachelor'? Ben Higgins Was Baffled By Her Intro

Well, that's one way to make a first impression! When Bachelor contestant Shushanna stepped out of the limo during the premiere, she started speaking a foreign language to Ben... and didn't stop. She introduced herself and even asked for a hug, all while Ben had no idea what was going on. So, what language was Shushanna speaking on The Bachelor ? That would be Russian! Although her Bachelor bio lists her as hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, she's also reportedly originally from Russia and fluent in the language.

I dug up Shushanna's Russian social media page where she pretty much posts solely in Russian, save for a few English hashtags. But, does this mean she can only speak Russian? Although that was the impression she may have left on Ben, I'm pretty sure the producers wouldn't bring someone on who couldn't speak English atall. I'm sure she just wanted to make a statement with her Russian intro and showcase her culture. Once the limo exits are done I'm sure we'll hear her speak English more. But, I hope she also speaks Russian again throughout the season because seeing Ben confused is beyond adorable. He may not have understood Shushanna, but there's no doubt she made a statement on night one!

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Images: Craig Sjodin, Rick Rowell/ABC