What Is Maxwell Lord Doing On 'Supergirl'? His Kara Lookalike Is Hella Creepy

Okay, I guess it's safe to say that Maxwell Lord is a bad guy. I had hope, but after his company's suspicious endeavors, the way he treated James, and whatever's going on in Room 52, I suppose we have no choice. Most importantly, why does Maxwell Lord have a Kara lookalike on Supergirl with black eyes and greying skin? It wasn't the first fake Kara we saw in the episode, Hank used his Martian powers to disguise himself as Supergirl and fool Cat Grant, but this double is much more sinister.

From what we saw of Room 52, which is likely a reference to the DC comics storyline 52, there is a suspended robot arm, a human body marked Jane Doe, and a face that looks identical to Kara Danvers. Lord was reassuring to the creature when it woke up, almost fatherly. Gross. Is it an android? A clone? A zombie, or something akin to Dr. Frankenstein's monster? It could be a Bizarro Supergirl, which is a DC comics character — the spooky eyes make that seem like the most likely option. She could also be Power-Girl, the Earth-2 version of Supergirl, but I'll leave alternate universes to The Flash for now. My first thought was that, like J'onn J'onzz, Kara has been borrowing someone else's appearance and this is her double's true form. However, we've seen Kara grow up on Krypton. I know that's not true.

Overall, it's a good thing that Supergirl and her trusty team are out to get Maxwell Lord. That said, he's got more than a few tricks up his sleeve, and this one is just creepy!

Image: Robert Voets/CBS