Who Is Whitney Bischoff's Boyfriend? She's Dating Outside 'Bachelor' Nation

Monday was a big night for Bachelor fans. Not only did Ben Higgins' season finally kick off, but so did something else: Bachelor Live, the new after show that will be airing after each episode — because clearly, none of us can get enough of this beautiful show. During the inaugural episode, Chris Harrison caught us up with former Bachelor winner Whitney Bischoff, who was all set to live happily ever after with Chris Soules... until their engagement ended months later. There's good news, though: Whitney has a new boyfriend! So who is he?

When she called into the show, she didn't give too many details — just that she's very happy with the direction her life is going in now that she's found the right person. "I am very, very lucky," Whitney said. "I've met a great man, and I am the happiest I've ever been. I'm really looking forward to a great 2016."

And, after a whirlwind experience on The Bachelor and breaking up with Chris, which had to be really tough, I couldn't be happier for her. So, who's the lucky guy?! According to an Instagram photo she shared recently, his name is Ricky Angel, and he's very handsome. Nice work, Whit!

His Instagram is all locked up, but since I'm a pro stalker, I was able to dig up a little dirt on him. Thanks to his LinkedIn, I know that he lives in Chicago (just like Whitney), where he is a Regional Sales Manager. Like Michael Scott? I hope so. Oh, and he made the Dean's List in college a whole bunch. Way to go!

It's good to see that Whitney is so happy. She deserves to have finally found her happy ending — and she didn't even have to move to Iowa to do it. Take that, Prince Farming!

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