Where To Buy ABS Protein Pancakes From 'Shark Tank' To Make Every Morning Delicious & Healthy

It's a brand new year and everyone's making resolutions of some kind, and many probably involve health. ABC's Shark Tank will feature a product on Tuesday night that promises to help with that — in the delicious form of pancakes. So if you're resolving to focus on health in 2016, you'll want to know where you can get ABS Protein Pancakes from Shark Tank , so you can try this innovative breakfast food.

The mix to make ABS Protein Pancakes, which are non-GMO, low sugar, and low carb, is available for purchase on the company's website, as well as Amazon. On the ABS website, a one-pound bag of the protein-rich and gluten-free mix costs $42.95, or you can get a combo pack of three different flavors for $115.96. The product contains less than 200 calories per serving and a whopping 24 grams of protein, which is really useful if you're following a strict fitness regimen. Despite the name, ABS Protein Pancakes won't just grant you a six-pack by eating the pancakes, but it does hope to improve health and fitness. "We know that sticking to a low carb program or even a new fitness program can sometimes leave you feeling deprived and can be difficult so we wanted to find a way to make it easy for you to hit your goals, build and fuel your body with ease," the ABS website says. "Your body needs all kinds of nutrients including the right amount of protein to recover, build, fuel and supply your muscles with the best product to help it run efficiently." But will the taste leave the sharks craving more?

Here's what else you need to know about ABS Protein Pancakes before you invest.

The Founder

According to the company website, Ashley Drummonds worked in the fitness industry and loved pancakes, but she mostly reserved the breakfast food as a "cheat meal" for herself. "Every single time after I ate one of the popular Pancake Brands on the market, I would immediately regret it!" she wrote on the ABS Protein Pancakes website. "I was struggling a lot to find a balance to enjoy foods I love while staying in shape."

And so she came up with ABS, which also stands for Authenticity, Beauty, and Strength, according Drummonds' website.

The Protein

ABS TV on YouTube

ABS Protein Pancakes contain all-natural Casein, whey protein isolates, and milk proteins. Drummonds writes on the company website that Casein is "a natural protein with a slow absorption rate to fuel your muscles and your body over a long period of time" and whey protein isolates and milk proteins are very pure form of protein.

"We only use all-natural flavorings in every single flavor of ABS Pancakes like Stevia from the natural stevia leaf, botanical extracts (yes, straight from mother earth), natural cinnamon flavor, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla extract, and Tapioca," she wrote on the company site.

The Flavors

ABS Protein Pancakes comes in three flavors: Cinnamon roll, vanilla cake batter, and chocolate chip. And you can do a lot with them.


If you don't want to just eat plain ol' pancakes, ABS Protein Pancakes has a whole recipe book dedicated to healthy and yummy recipes using the mix. The book is free if you join the company's mailing list.

Pancake Membership

If you fall hard for ABS Protein Pancakes, the company offers a membership program, which will regularly ship you 1-3 pancake mixes a month. Hopefully, the Sharks will want to add ABS to their own morning routines.

Image: ABC