12 New Year's Resolutions For Your Squad

In pursuit of our greatest goals and most lofty dreams, our girlfriends are always our biggest cheerleaders — so as we move into the new rear armed with commitments to becoming better people, why take on these resolutions alone? Your girls always have your back and encourage you to be your best self, so in 2016, be the best best friends you've ever been with 12 friendship New Year's resolutions to make with your squad.

Step one to squad goals is nourishing your friendship. You can't take a jaw-dropping #squadgoals selfie or strut into a room like nobody's business à la "Bad Blood" if there's actually bad blood between you. Your fierce synergy comes from your love and trust — caring for one another and knowing you're there for each other no matter how tough times get. Just as much as they want you to be your best you, you are your best when you are with them. Let this symbiosis fuel your 2016, and make it the year of achieving your individual and group dreams. This resolution roundup provides pointers for making your squad's friendship stronger than ever so you can take on the new year as an unstoppable team.

1. Show your support

You always want to be there for the girls you love most, but sometimes during our hectic lives we have to make an additional effort to show our support. Is your friend running her first marathon? Make sure you're there at the midway point to be the friendly face in the crowd cheering her on before meeting her when she crosses the finish line. Is she locked away studying for the MCAT? Offer to quiz her with flash cards, or bring over treats for a study break.

2. Make time to hear each other out

Now and then, go beyond bitmoji exclamations and GIF comebacks to your group text. Actually make a call, or better yet, meet up in person to catch up on the goings on in each other's lives. Even if you've planned a wild ladies' night, make sure there's time in the evening for conversation, because there's only so much you can divulge in emoji-laden texts.

3. Compliment each other

Taking time to communicate what you admire and appreciate about one another can make a huge impact on your squad's happiness and well-being. It can be day-making to hear kind words from someone you love and respect. Even if you see them all the time and half your quips to one another are sarcastic, make sure you do provide honest acknowledgment of how great they are, and how much they mean to you from time to time.

4. Work together

Teamwork makes the dream work, so if there's something you want, up your chances by working together. Planning an adult spring break getaway and saving up for the trip? Work together to come up with a budget now so you can lock down your plans ASAP. Is one of you fundraising for a cause? Join your forces and networks to do more good than you could ever do on your own.

5. Work out together

If working out is on your list of New Year's resolutions, ensure you actually make it to the gym — and have a blast while you're there — by taking your squad. Whether it's a spin class you all sign up for or a scenic run you organize on the weekends, you're guaranteed a great time when you're working out with your girls.

6. Indulge together

Just as you work together, work out together, and push each other to be your best selves, reward yourselves for all your efforts. Plan occasions to celebrate your successes with a girls' night out or in. Toast to your friendship before throwing back shots, or cozy up on the couch with some takeout for a movie marathon until the early hours of the morning.

7. Help each other through your challenges and fears

Be the girls your friend can count on when she's going through a challenging time. Is she moving to a new city where she doesn't know anyone? While you're saving up to visit her on your next long weekend, send her a care package filled with essentials and personal knick-knacks so she knows you all are thinking of her. Is one of your girls in the interviewing process for a big career change? Meet up for practice interviews, and help choose her outfit so she walks into the room feeling like a boss.

8. Document your friendship

Go beyond Instagram selfies, and invest in a scrapbook to document your squad's friendship. Keep ticket stubs from the concerts you attend and the business cards from the restaurants where you brunch. You can take turns keeping the scrap book, and write notes between the photos and to each other so every time you flip through it there's something new to warm your heart.

9. Remember even in hard times, it's always time for a dance party...

In all of life's seriousness, the best weapon you have to combat hard times is each other. As you grow older, hold on to the sparkle possessed by your younger, more innocent, more optimistic, selves. Let each other stand as a reminder of the invincible certainty you all felt in college, and continue to remind yourselves of that tenacity as you take on bigger challenges. Joke, laugh, and dance in the face of adversity, anywhere and everywhere.

10. ...on the dance floor...

You're never too busy to take a night out of the week to bust a move like you're back at your favorite college dive.

11. ...or alone in your apartment

And if you can't make it out, bring the party home.

12. Make time for each other

So no matter how crazy life gets, with bigger responsibilities, long work hours, and significant others, make sure to always make time for your best friends. It may be more difficult to organize a time when you all can be together, so if meet-ups are infrequent, make sure you stay in touch in other ways. Through bad times and breakups, you'll always have each other, so keep the friendship flame burning strong.

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