Carly Fiorina Compares Donald Trump To Kim Kardashian & Hits The Nail On The Head

Donald Trump's various inflammatory comments have triggered immense opposition in the Democratic Party, but now there's a new player involved, and she doesn't come from the left. Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is taking a stand against Trump's derogatory remarks about women and his celebrity status, in the greatest way imaginable. During an interview on Fox and Friends Tuesday, she made a magical comparison to the top GOP candidate that put a damper on the significance of his popularity in the political sphere. If she's going to be real ...

There is no doubt: Donald Trump is an extremely divisive candidate. That’s why he cannot win. That is why he cannot be our nominee. But honestly, Donald Trump reminds me of the Kim Kardashian of politics.

Fiorina hit the nail on the head with this one. However you feel about the Kardashians, the family dominates the entertainment world. Whatever a member of the family wears on any given day is a big deal. Given that Kim is married to Kanye West, another divisive figure in the entertainment world, people love to hate or love to love her and the rest of her clan.

There's a crucial distinction here, however: Our infatuation with Kim and the Kardashian clan is purely for the sake of entertainment. Nobody is asking her to lead the free world.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thus, by calling Trump the "Kim Kardashian of politics," Fiorina is actually giving Trump a lot of credit for taking hold of both the media and the public by storm. It's impossible not to talk about him. If you're of the mindset that all publicity is good publicity, then the attention is great for his reputation. However, bad publicity is often, well, bad for politicians, which explains why they're constantly trying to dig up dirt on each other's pasts. Being Kim Kardashian may be a gold mine in the entertainment industry, but Trump's antics will ultimately delegitimize his political standing.

More importantly, though, Fiorina shifted the focus of the conversation to women's rights. In the interview, she drew a correlation between women's dissatisfaction and Trump's disrespectful comments about them:

And let’s remember women are 53 percent of the vote. So we can’t nominate someone who routinely insults women. Women are angry because more of them are living in poverty. Women are angry because they feel they’re losing power and control over their own lives. Women are angry because they worry that their children don’t even know what the American dream is anymore. Women are angry because their health costs are going up. Yes, women are angry. And women are an incredibly important segment of the population that we need to win to win this election.

Fiorina's comments follow those of Hillary Clinton, who kept her cool after Trump used some sexist lingo to describe her loss to Obama in the Democratic primary in 2008, as well as her bathroom break during the last debate. And this isn't Fiorina's first rodeo when it comes to addressing Trump's rhetoric towards women. After August's GOP debate, Trump insulted moderator Megyn Kelly during a CNN interview:

You can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever ...

Fiorina saw through his comments and tweeted a succinct message:

According to a recent CNN/ORC poll, Fiorina is lagging behind in the Republican presidential race, but maybe her latest comments will help her return to the spotlight.