A Company Settled The How Dogs Wear Pants Fight

by Kat George

Well, it's official — thanks to these real life dogs wearing pants we now know how dogs would wear pants if dogs wore pants. That was short-lived, but now we can go on with our lives without worrying about the pants preference of dogs/color of dresses/other garbage Internet debates etc. The debate about how dogs would wear pants if dogs wore pants started last week thanks to Maxim Editor Jared Keller, who posed the philosophical question about whether dogs would wear pants on their hind legs, or on all four legs. The Internet really ran with it, and debate got super heated and overwhelmingly pervasive, because as it turns out over the Christmas/New Year's break, people don't seem to have much else to do than debate the hypothetical of dogs wearing pants.

Overwhelmingly, people said dogs would wear their pants on the two hind legs, and it seemed like the battle was hard fought, but won by a clear side that had a majority vote. But wait! Not so fast! Canadian Company Muddy Mutts figured this out a long time ago, having been in the business of making dog pants since 2012. Which means we were debating the dog/pants issue in vain, as the answer to all our wondering existed all along.

Here's the original tweet that descended us into viral madness:

And as it turns out, dogs would and do wear pants on ALL FOUR legs, with their little feet poking adorably out the bottom.

Muddy Mutts pants were created when the dogs owners behind their brand decided they were sick of the long process of washing mud and dirt off their dogs after taking them on walks through the wild. The Muddy Mutts pants are designed to catch all splashes and any debris that might otherwise get stuck in a pooch's fur, making the process of cleaning your dog after a walk as simple as removing their pants.

The pants are waterproof, and fit over the dog's four legs, held up with suspenders that strap up over the dog's body. It's actually stupidly cute. I mean, I don't have a dog, and I live in a fairly mud-free city, but regardless I feel like this is my next gift to all my dog-owning friends because LOOK:

A pair of Muddy Mutts pants will set you back a cool $69.99, which seems worth it for the speedy clean up, and also if you were a four legs truther during the dog/pants debate and really want to stick it to your two leg defender friends.

Meanwhile, here are a couple more fun photos of dogs wearing Muddy Mutts pants, mostly for the awwwwww factor, but also to really rub it in that four-legged dogs pants are actually a thing.

Images: Muddy Mutts