Watch These Happy Dogs Eat With Their Humans

Dogs are a man's best friend, which is why we often reward them with treats and gifts to show our appreciation. And what better way to do that than by having you dogs eat with their humans? It's downright adorable, and combines my two favorite things in the entire world — food and dogs. Basically Mashable's video is everything that we need in our lives, and I suggest you and your canine friend have a date with this dog-friendly food as soon as possible.

For those of you who have never seen a dog, a little background information: Dogs love food. They love it so much they don't really care if it's off the floor, placed into their bowls, or given to them from an outreached hand. Food is important. From my personal experience there is never a better option of food for dogs than the food you put into your own plate throughout the day. They know this to be a fact. That's why dogs are constantly begging for you to share.

And you, like a responsible adult that you are, are forced to deny them of the mind blowing food experience in your own plate. For a good reason, though! Dogs, unlike humans, cannot digest a lot of human food elements. In fact, exposing them to certain foods is basically like giving them straight poison. Foods like chocolate, onions, and plums are no no's and should be avoided at all cost. Which is a darn shame, because all of those things taste good. Instead, dogs have their own food especially designed to keep them fed and healthy.

Let's face it, though. Dog food doesn't look that appetizing, and it never inspires the same amount of enthusiasm as human food. You really want to give your dog a taste of something off your plate, but you are hesitant because of all these harmful things. Well, worry no more, because a certified dog nutritionist named Stacy Alldredge has designed a meal you can share with your pooch with out a second thought in sight. It's human food but without anything that can actually hurt your pup. After looking at the recipes I can't help but think that this will be a household favorite for years to come.

1. Look At The Response

The moment these dogs are introduced to the human food they are ready for a meal of a lifetime. It's alike a holiday! They are not only offered human food, but they are actually served on a plate, AT THE TABLE. That's a pretty big deal.

2. Spoil Them Rotten

While this meal is reserved for special occasions and shouldn't be given to dogs all the time, you can't help but make it more special by feeding your dog from your fork.

3. Desert

While chocolate is a HUGE no when it comes to dog cuisine, the specially designed almond cakes are totally a must try. And from the looks of it, these treats are everything a dog wants.

See the full video below, and check out the dog-friendly pasta recipe at Mashable.

Images: YouTube