8 Times Jennifer Lawrence's Mouth Definitely Stopped Her From "Flying Under The Radar”

My thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence boil down to this: I enjoy her presence and her big mouth, wholeheartedly. Probably because I have a big mouth myself. And, after all, us unfiltered peeps need to stick together. In fact, Lawrence spoke to Glamour about her mouth getting her into trouble, and while I thought I related to her before, her cringeworthy reaction to having to rehash her own words makes me identify with her more than ever.

Lawrence has definitely had some wild moments with words. By wild, I mean hilarious but also jaw dropping, and it sounds like she'd agree. The 25-year-old told Glamour, "I want to fly under the radar, but my mouth has just made it impossible." And in response to the interviewer referencing something she'd told the magazine four years ago, she replied, "Oh God. This is my least favorite part. As soon as somebody's like, 'And you said,' I’m like, 'Oh God. Oh no.'" Oh, my poor J. Law.

While the Hunger Games actor is probably my favorite unintentional comedian, she's done some pretty profound things too, that have nothing to do with entertaining us during a late night talk show — things like her pay gap essay, as the magazine points out. Simply put, Lawrence isn't wrong when she says that her unfailingly honest approach to life makes her noticeable. It sure does.

Here are eight times Lawrence's mouth prevented her from,"flying under the radar."

1. When She Admitted To Kissing Liam Hemsworth

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Skip to to 0:30 enjoy her candidness and to speculate on how exactly this must have gone down.

2. When She Showed The Paparazzi Who Was Boss

Taking back control, effortlessly.

3. When She Told The General Public That She, Uh, Slept With Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, & Woody Harrelson At The Same Time

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The innuendoes are almost too much. Never stop, girl. Never stop.

4. When She Elaborated On Why She Wrote Her Pay Gap Essay

Charlie Rose on YouTube

Watch this whole video for more clarity on her stance. You will not be disappointed.

5. When She Publicly Re-Instated Her Virginity

And then somehow made her blunder into an awesome message about choice.

6. When She Praised Another Much Talked About Letter

Well, she totally is. Also, support matters. You go, girl.

7. When She Opened Up To Vogue About An Unhealthy Past Relationship

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lawrence got quite candid, saying, "I didn’t like how he made me feel. When someone makes you insecure, it’s strangely exhilarating because you keep trying to fight for that validation. It’s what you want to have before you get married, so that you don’t seek it out once you are." Shining a light on the frustrating internal conundrum I'm sure we have all fallen victim to at one point or another.

8. When She Explained How & Why She Failed At Modeling For Abercrombie & Fitch

Jennifer Lawrence, validating "big mouths" since 2012.

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