Kate Elliott's 'Court Of Fives' Sequel Is Coming, So Brace Yourself For A 'Poisoned Blade'

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers editor Deidre Jones announced Monday that a Court of Fives sequel is on its way to a bookstore near you. Kate Elliott's Poisoned Blade is slated for an August 16th release, and no one's happier about that than Elliott herself. Except, you know, the Bustle crew.

Released in August 2015, Court of Fives was the first YA novel from the World Fantasy Award-nominated author. Elliott says that, although her "publicist ... dubbed it 'Little Women meets Game of Thrones,'" only the first title inspired her writing. She also calls Court of Fives part of "a new (to [her]) genre."

Following the novel's success, Elliott published a prequel e-book, Night Flower. The companion novella centers on the romance between heroine Jessamy's parents, Kiya and Esladas. Separated by race, class, and language, the two lovers must face the fact that they may be throwing their lives away for love.

When we meet Jessamy in Court of Fives, she feels suffocated by her father's upper-class ideals. As an outlet, she begins to train for the game of Fives, a dangerous athletic competition. But when the death of their protector puts Jessamy's mixed-race family in jeopardy, competing in the Fives becomes a necessity in order to keep them safe. As she delves deeper into the competition, Jessamy realizes that the game of Fives may have a secret connection to her Efean heritage.

In Poisoned Blade, Jessamy continues to move up the ranks in the competition. After a deadly attack on her companions, Elliott's heroine finds herself thrown into the middle of the war her lover is waging to defend their country. The stakes have been raised, and Jessamy will have to rise to meet them.

Poisoned Blade hits store shelves on August 16th. You can preorder it now from your favorite retailer.

Image: fictiontea/Instagram