So, Um.... Ke$ha Wants More Of Your Teeth

Do you ever look around your home and think, "Jesus, I really have way too many spare teeth sitting around, what ever shall I do with them?" Don't feel put on the spot, it's a question we've all asked ourselves.... erm...sort of slash, oh wait LITERALLY NEVER. However, apparently it's something Ke$ha fans think about regularly, as Ke$ha put out a second call for fan's teeth from rehab, via a friend on her Twitter account. And yes, in case you didn't really get that the first time around, Ke$ha asked for the teeth, of her fans, and this is the second time that's happened. Yup. Because what better art supply is there than the teeth of strangers that worship you?

I wish there was something witty or worthwhile to say about this dental saga, but... the story speaks for itself. Ke$ha used her fans teeth to make herself a headdress, bra and earrings in the past, and she must have liked them a lot, because 1,000 fricking teeth just didn't seem to do the trick. My guess? She's in rehab, she's bored shitless, and at some point the thought filtered through that hey, making a sizable amount of upper body adornments from human teeth was loads of fun, why not do it again?

Maybe she just needed a matching set of pants. Maybe she was thinking of making tooth-encrusted heels. Unfortunately, we'll never know because according to TMZ, the rehabilitation center won't allow real teeth to enter the premises as they might be "biohazardous material." Which is possibly a factor Ke$ha should've considered, were she not the type of gal to rank human teeth above, say, papier-mache or clay in terms of viable art supplies.

If you sent in a tooth, there is a very strong possibility that it has spent quality time with either Ke$ha's nipples, her face, or her ear lobes, which is either super enticing or seriously disgusting, depending on whether or not you're the sort to take up a pop star on her offer to use your teeth for an outfit. If, as she wished, she had gotten masses of fan teeth delivered to rehab, it's distinctly possibly there would've been teeth in even weirder places in the future.

But in that case, some things are really better left unknown.