12 Gifts For People Who Hate Valentine's Day

by Dacy Knight

Valentine's Day is a holiday that polarizes the population — couples and hopeless romantics swoon over chocolates and flowers while the remainder hear nails on a chalkboard with every love song and public display of affection they're subjected to. If you have friends who belong to the second set, here's a roundup of 12 anti-Valentine's Day gifts for people who hate Valentine's Day.

Give these cheeky tokens of your affection to those who've lost faith in love. Send a little surprise to friends who are simply over conversation hearts and everyone discussing dinner reservations. Whatever the aversion, these gifts are the answer. As drugstores become flooded with red and pink paraphernalia adorned with doilies and silhouettes of cherubs, help your less-enthused friends survive this trying time with a little pick-me-up that resonates with their beliefs. Whether the cause for their objection is a bad break up, too many Tinder fails, or simply the realization that V-Day has become a commercialized holiday that lets material purchases stand in for actual professions of love, help them celebrate the anti-Valentine sentiment. From accessories that publicly declare their disdain to watercolors and canteens with empowering messages, these gifts are sure to add a smile to an otherwise sinister day.

1. A Non-Celebratory Piñata

Anti Valentine's Day Heart Piñata, $17, Amazon

A few whacks at this guy will let off some anti-Valentine's Day angst.

2. A Case For Heartbreakers

Valfre Boys Tears iPhone 6 Case, $38, Amazon

A warning sign to all potential suitors to step up their game.

3. A Bothered Button

Sassy Heart: Can U Not Round Button, $4, Zazzle

Let her speak her mind without having to utter a word when enduring the influx of PDA this Valentine's Day.

4. A Poetic Mug

Cupid Rhymes With Stupid Classic White Coffee Mug, $16, Zazzle

Start her mornings right with words of wisdom delivered in trochaic trimeter.

5. An Already Taken T-Shirt

Bacon Is My Valentine Tee, $18, Zazzle

Because you never forget your first true love.

6. An Uninterested Necklace

Sweet Nothing Brass Necklace, $40, Nylon

As cute, chic, and sassy as she.

7. A Sassy Brooch

Eat Me Heart Lollipop Brooch, $12, Nylon

Complete your friend's outfit with this perfect anti-Valentine's accessory.

8. A Tote That's Totes Over It

Anti Valentine's Day Emoticon Heart Tote Bag, $15, Cafe Press

Let her carry this, and herself, with the necessary disregard to get through the day.

9. A Bracelet That Tells It How It Is

Pizza Is BAE Bamboo Bracelets, $17, Etsy

To all the haters inquiring about Valentine's Day plans.

10. An Independent Flask

Independently Owned Single Flask, $29, Zazzle

The party starts early when you aren't inconvenienced by dinner reservations.

11. A Prioritizing Watercolor

Ovaries Before Brovaries Watercolor, $18, Etsy

A beautiful reminder of what comes first.

12. A Politely Declining Crew Neck

No Thanks Cross Stitch Crew Neck, $18, Etsy

Because it's always possible to say, "move aside," with manners.

Images: Zazzle (3), Nylon (2), Oriental Trading Company, Cafe Press, Etsy (4), Forever 21