You Should Be Doing This To Your Jeans

by Kali Borovic

Something magical happens when you slip on the perfect pair of jeans. You feel a little bit more productive and ready to take on the world. But with so many different styles, colors, and types of denim available, you may not know exactly how to take care of your jeans. How you treat denim makes all the difference, and it turns out tha you should be ironing your jeans. Yes, really!

If you're anything like me, you wear your jeans a few times and then toss them in the dryer whenever they need a nice reshaping. Well, apparently, you and I have been doing it all wrong. According to Good Housekeeping, you should never leave your jeans in the dryer, and you should actually take them out when they're a little damp to protect them from shrinking. Who knew?!

Unfortunately that leaves only one other option for smoothing them out — the iron. There are tons of different ways to iron your denim, and which one you should opt for depends on what look you're trying to get. Whether you're keeping it casual or trying for a more formal outfit, there are specific ways to care for your jeans. So if you've been looking to add a little more oomph to your outfit, it could be as easy as trying out a new ironing tactic.

Here's how to get the perfectly ironed jeans for any occasion.

1. Iron The Pockets

The first step is to flip the jeans inside out and iron the pockets. The small and simple step is often overlooked and can leave you looking wrinkly even if you iron the rest of the pants.

2. Start With The Waistband

To start, go right over the pocket area and be sure to pull at the same time, this give the fabric a little extra flatness.

3. Leave The Fly Unbuttoned

Go over the fly at the same time, but be sure to have it unbuttoned so it doesn't crease.

4. Match The Denim Creases

When you're done with the thigh area, lay one leg on the ironing board and fix the hemline so that the fabric is completely flat.

5. Press The Leg

When you're all set up, iron the leg nice and flat.

6. Focus On The Ends

Make sure you give the ends a nice, good press so that they look polished.

7. Iron The Butt

To finish, iron the back one cheek at a time, so you you don't mess up everything you just did on the front.

It's that easy!

Images: Phillips/YouTube