Photos Of Daisy Ridley's Boyfriend Charlie Hamblett Are Few & Far Between, But Here's What He Looks Like — PHOTOS

If everything you know about Daisy Ridley comes from interviews and her Instagram account, this may be totally brand new for you: The Star Wars: The Force Awakens star is off the market. Yep, Ridley's dating Charlie Hamblett, who also happens to be an up-and-coming actor. If this is surprising to you, it's probably because she's elected to stay pretty private about their relationship, which means she hasn't been talking much about her boyfriend while on her Star Wars press tour. But he does exist, even if the evidence of his existence is a little spotty. But since they aren't often pictured together, you might be wondering what Hamblett looks like. So was I, and in pursuit of finding photos of him, I found out that Hamblett is a pretty mysterious guy.

Case in point: His Twitter account. Hamblett only has a handful of followers and hasn't tweeted too much, and his Instagram isn't much better, considering the fact that he's only shared two pictures so far. How is this possible?! I can't go ten minutes without refreshing my feed and itching to share what my cat is doing with my followers. Does he have an account he's not sharing with us? Is he actually busy being part of the real world and not concerned with showing everyone his coffee?

This is one of the two photos he has posted, by the way:

He looks so perfectly British, right? And this is the second:

Unfortunately, that's about all the Internet has to offer, save for a few of his headshot photos that have made their way to Google images. And the info that is out there about the actor is just about as plentiful as the photos. But if you want to see more of Hamblett, there's good news. So far, he has plenty of new projects in the pipeline. According to his IMBD page, he has two in post production: a TV show called The Secret Agent, and he played Malcolm in a movie version of Macbeth. Both are set to premiere this year, so before we know it, Hamblett will be following his girlfriend into the land of superstardom.

But mostly? I just want to see Hamblett and Ridley together. Maybe that's coming, too? Hamblett, hit up Instagram once in awhile. Putting filters on your breakfast is fun!