5 New Movies to See This Valentine's Day

Attention all you lovers out there: Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and it's time to pencil in plans with that special someone for Feb. 14. If your wallet is looking a little empty or you've only known your special someone for a 3.5 days, you might want to forsake your dreams of a lavish dinner, a sack full of exotic cheese, and other expensive gestures of undying love in exchange for a low-pressure, fun, and intimate night out at the movies.

Plus, if you don't particularly care for anyone this time around, the movies is a perfect place to hit up solo or with friends. Just don't forget the popcorn, candy, and pre-game location. Here are the films to see this Valentine's Day, and lucky for you, there is a film fit for every type of couple. Let's take a look.

Looking for critical acclaim? Go see Labor Day

Starring Oscar-winner Kate Winslet and Oscar-nominated Josh Brolin as the film's main pair, Labor Day has already garnered a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress and it hasn't even been released yet. The film covers the unexpected romance that unfolds between Winslet's character, a single mom, who crosses paths with a runaway convict and falls in love with him. If there's one thing this film can promise, it's some superb acting.

Looking for a good laugh? Go see About Last Night

Comedian Kevin Hart stars in this film, so you're already guaranteed to pee your pants laughing. The film is a modern take on the classic romantic comedy as it follows the lives of two couples and the standard problems they face after meeting at a bar. This film is great for new couples and veterans alike since both can easily relate to the madness that unfolds after getting together for the first time.

Looking to turn up the heat? Go see Endless Love

If you and your lovah are looking for a film that is guaranteed to get a little hot and heavy, look no further then Endless Love. Starring Hollywood newcomers Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde as the film's young forbidden lovers, this film remake of the 1981 version is sure to make the entire theater steam up. I mean, the film's tagline is: "Say goodbye to innocence." Plus, we see enough skin in the trailer alone to say goodbye to our own innocence.

Looking for romantic overload? Go see The Winter's Tale

We can't help but melt over The Winter's Tale trailer, which stars veterans Colin Farrell, Jennifer Connelly, Russell Crowe, and newcomer Jessica Brown Findlay. The movie involves lost love, time travel, deadly illness, horse-back riding, and Irish accents. Need I say more? I didn't think so.

Looking to relax? Go see That Awkward Moment

That Awkward Moment is the perfect no-pressure film about the lives of dudes as they fall in love. It's the perfect combination of awkward and sweet for a great night out on Valentine's Day, no matter who you're with.

Image: Paramount