Lane Kim, Press Secretary? The 7 'Gilmore Girls'-'Scandal' Crossovers We Didn't See Coming

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One of the best things about watching a Shonda Rhimes-produced show is seeing all of your favorite actors from cancelled shows reappear on-screen. Rhimes, a self-professed TV addict, loves to cast alums from Friday Night Lights, Lost, The West Wing and other long-gone series in her own shows. Whether it's having FNL's Matt Saracen convince doctors to amputate his leg on Grey's Anatomy or getting Buffy's Xander to play a rapist on Private Practice, Rhimes takes great pleasure in giving actors from cult-favorite shows a second chance at TV.

This is never more true than in Scandal, where dozens of actors from seemingly every beloved, cancelled show make an appearance. There's West Wing's Josh Molina as U.S. Attorney, Grey's Jeff Perry as Chief of Staff — and, most strikingly, a new former cast member of Gilmore Girls showing up practically every week.

As a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, seeing some of my favorite actors from the series show up on Scandal is fantastic. Yet each time one of them covers up a murder or rigs an election, I'm left wondering, would their Gilmore Girls' characters do that?!

Here's how 7 Stars Hollow alum have handled the "move" to D.C.

Image: The CW

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