Lane Kim, Press Secretary? The 7 'Gilmore Girls'-'Scandal' Crossovers We Didn't See Coming

One of the best things about watching a Shonda Rhimes-produced show is seeing all of your favorite actors from cancelled shows reappear on-screen. Rhimes, a self-professed TV addict, loves to cast alums from Friday Night Lights, Lost, The West Wing and other long-gone series in her own shows. Whether it's having FNL's Matt Saracen convince doctors to amputate his leg on Grey's Anatomy or getting Buffy's Xander to play a rapist on Private Practice, Rhimes takes great pleasure in giving actors from cult-favorite shows a second chance at TV.

This is never more true than in Scandal, where dozens of actors from seemingly every beloved, cancelled show make an appearance. There's West Wing's Josh Molina as U.S. Attorney, Grey's Jeff Perry as Chief of Staff — and, most strikingly, a new former cast member of Gilmore Girls showing up practically every week.

As a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, seeing some of my favorite actors from the series show up on Scandal is fantastic. Yet each time one of them covers up a murder or rigs an election, I'm left wondering, would their Gilmore Girls' characters do that?!

Here's how 7 Stars Hollow alum have handled the "move" to D.C.

Image: The CW

Liza Weil on 'Gilmore Girls'

Oh, Paris. Somehow the most annoying and lovable character on the show, Liza Weil’s Paris Geller could always be counted on for entertainment. Brilliant, cutthroat, and secretly insecure, Paris did whatever it took to get ahead, but still valued her friendship with Rory more than she’d ever admit.

Image: The CW

Liza Weil on 'Scandal'

Weil’s Scandal character, a White House intern at the center of an affair, was actually not so different than Paris. Like Paris, Amanda Tanner slept with someone she shouldn’t — although in this case, it’s the President, not a college professor. It’d be realistic to think Paris would end up working in politics after graduation, but as an intern, not a candidate? Please. Paris had higher ambitions than that.

Image: ABC

Gregg Henry on 'Gilmore Girls'

Mitchum Huntzberger, the father of Rory’s boyfriend Logan, was wealthy, powerful, and brutal.

Image: The CW

Gregg Henry on 'Scandal'

Hollis Doyle, the energy executive behind some of Scandal’s biggest conspiracies, is wealthy, powerful, and brutal. Sounds about right.

Image: ABC

Keiko Agena on 'Gilmore Girls'

Being Rory’s sidekick wasn’t an easy job, because the Gilmore girl was flaky, selfish, and a bit boyfriend-obsessed. Yet Agena’s Lane Kim was the best friend a girl could have, always there for Rory despite her own issues (see: overbearing mother, super-religious college, twin boys by 21).

Image: The CW

Keiko Agena on 'Scandal'

Britta Kagen is a press secretary that gets killed during the assassination attempt of President Grant. So basically, as different from Lane Kim as possible.

Image: ABC

Sharmila Devar on 'Gilmore Girls'

Devar had a blink-and-you-miss-it role during Gilmore Girls’ first season as a Harvard rep who mans a table at a college fair Rory attends.

Image: The CW

Sharmila Devar on 'Scandal'

Devar plays Lauren, an assistant to President Grant who manages his schedule and keeps Mellie out of the office. Harvard rep who goes on to work for the president? We believe it.

Image: ABC

Stoney Westmoreland on 'Gilmore Girls'

Westmoreland made an appearance on a season three Gilmore Girls episode about a meeting of the Edgar Allan Poe Society, presumably as one of the several Poes.

Image: The CW

Stoney Westmoreland on 'Scandal'

Hal is a trusted Secret Service agent to the President… who performs Poe poems in his spare time? You never know.

Image: ABC

Joe Holt on 'Gilmore Girls'

On a season 6 episode, Holt played Carl, one of the contractors hired to fix up Lorelai’s house for her and Luke.

Image: The CW

Joe Holt on 'Scandal'

Holt plays the Secretary of Defense on Scandal, advising the President on security matters. Not much of a connection there.

Image: ABC

Kavita Patil on 'Gilmore Girls'

Patil played one of Emily Gilmore’s many maids, tasked with making Rory’s 21st birthday party go as smoothly as possible.

Image: The CW

Kavita Patil on 'Scandal'

As the Chief of Surgery in charge of ensuring President Grant’s recovery from multiple gunshot wounds, Patil’s Scandal character faced just as much pressure as any maid of Emily Gilmore’s.

Image: NBC