'RHOBH's Lisa V. Gets Left Behind In The Hamptons

Nobody puts Lisa V. in a corner, especially when you're celebrating her fabulousness, dammit. On Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , Lisa Vanderpump was abandoned by her friends in one of the chicest ways possible, truly proving that "celebrities, they're just like us." While in the Hamptons to promote her cover of Bella Magazine, Lisa Vanderpump and husband Ken found themselves left for the picking after Kyle and Eileen went from the hotel to a house without telling Lisa V. personally. And while this truly seems like a problem only a Real Housewife could have, I too would have been pissed the bloody hell off if my friends left me alone in the Hamptons. How would I survive in the Hamptons all by myself*? (*With my husband and hairless dog.)

The real kicker in the situation is how Lisa was abandoned. She wasn't woken up in the middle of the night with a "knock, knock, knock," at her door like some would think. The hotline didn't even bling in this situation. Instead, Eileen left a hand-written note for Lisa to find. And while I commend the class and the guts it took to leave the Lisa Vanderpump the 2016 equivalent of the Sex and the City post-it note, it was also pretty harsh. Remember, they were in the Hamptons to celebrate the one they left behind. Take a page out of Countess Luann's book, ladies, and be cool. Not uncool. The note read:

Hi Lisa! Kyle and I left — we're moving to a house — call me! Love, Eileen

I especially appreciate the rip at the top of the paper, since I think it really sells just how in a hurry these women were to GTFO of the hotel. (Note: Eileen and Kyle left the hotel because there was too much partying by the pool and there was no room service.)

Lisa didn't take well to the abandonment. Remember, she's been dealing with a depressed swan recently, so she's got a lot on her plate. Eileen didn't really help defuse the fire, because she wasn't apologetic for leaving the hotel without room service. Lisa said the quick exit from the hotel was high maintenance to her, and you know when you have a woman that has just willingly purchased two miniature horses to take care of says something is high maintenance, you're officially high maintenance.

Overall, it's kind of a stupid thing to get angry over, but that's why we watch Real Housewives after all, right — to see who can get mad about the silliest thing each week? I'm torn on whose team to be on. On one side, I like my food, so no room service would be a straight-up travesty. On the other hand, who leaves Giggy Vanderpump? I rest my case.

Images: Bennett Raglin/Bravo; Bravo