14 Funny Valentine's Day Gifts For Your BFF

In grade school, Valentine's Day wasn't about roses and dinner dates, but about sharing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed cards with everyone in your class. Whether you and your BFF are single or taken, take a cue from yesteryear and take some time to celebrate them this year too, with 14 funny best friend Valentine's Day gifts.

Just as you meticulously sorted through your stack of kid friendly Valentine's Day cards for the one with the perfect quote for your bowl-cut crush, you'll want just the right gift for your lifelong gal pal. Here's a roundup of humorous gifts that are sure to make her laugh this Valentine's Day, while also showing just how much you care. Outfit her with a photo album that celebrates her self-captured beauty, a t-shirt that tells the world to back off, or travel gear that will remind her of you while she's off galavanting around the world. While some women will be wondering if their significant other is going to finally put a ring on it, you can bling out your BFF with a ring that declares your mutual love for sweatpants. Ice cream, cookies, and beer are difficult to argue with as Best Gifts Ever, and this lineup includes some terrifically packaged options for the greatest delivery yet. So without wasting any more time, read on to find just the thing for your best friend forever and funny Valentine.

1. A Phone Case That Doubles As A Planner

But First, Brunch iPhone 6/6s Plus Case, $40, Nylon

Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year. We all know what this means.

2. A Passport Cover Professing Your Love

Skinnydip Valentines Bacon Passport Holder, $26, ASOS

A friendly reminder not to make another best friend while she's off on her travels.

3. A Guy She Can Count On

Chocolate Perfect Man, $10, Amazon

Who can argue with sweet, solid, and rich?

4. An Album All About Her

Knock Knock Selfies Photo Album, $14, Amazon

Because loving yourself comes before anything else.

5. A Case Of Cold Hard Love

Six-Pack Greeting Card Box, $16, Amazon

Ask her if she'll "beer" your Valentine.

6. An Open(ing) Heart

Love Potion Bottle Opener Key Ring, $5, Fancy

A necessary addition to number five, and the most useful addition to her key ring.

7. Pints That Prove Your Love Isn't Pint-Sized

Premium Just Because Ice Cream Collection, $80, eCreamery

"Friendship Is Better Than Chocolate" and "Glad I Didn't Send Flowers?" couldn't be more true for the recipient of the gift bound to melt hearts.

8. A Ring Celebrating Your Common Love

Sweatpants Ring, $60, Nylon

In addition to your love for one another, celebrate what brings you together. (Again, Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year.)

9. A Set Of Shades As Hot As Your Friendship

Light-up Heart Sunglasses, $20, Etsy

Light up her life this winter with some heart-shaped sunnies.

10. A Tasty Party Pack

Eye Candy Cookies, $25, Sweet & Saucy

Come Valentine's Day, one doesn't need much more company than what's in this box.

11. A Good Read That Says It All

Let this little book sum up your friendship.

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12. A Pair Of Socks That Whimsically Warm

Valentines Unicorn Cupid Socks, $6, ASOS

Because your friendship is magical and just as rare.

13. A Shirt To Ward Off Unwanted Suitors

Get In Line T-Shirt, $48, Nylon

Ensure the whole world knows you've already claimed her as your Valentine.

14. A Card To Which She Must RSVP "Yes"

Friend Valentine's Day Card, $5, Etsy

There is no question mark here.

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