Emma Watson Might Set Up A Feminist Book Club

I’ve spent the last six days pontificating to anyone who will listen that I’m not setting myself goals for the New Year, but I’m now officially throwing all of that out the window; I will get into Emma Watson’s feminist book club this year if it’s the last thing I do. Watson tweeted her desire to set up the book club early on Wednesday afternoon, and within minutes, I knew I had to join.

Emma Watson has really been growing as a feminist this year: talking openly about her feminist journey; acknowledging her privilege and the need to make her feminism more intersectional; and refusing to be scared out of using the word “feminist”. So I’m willing to bet that any feminist book club she sets up will be full of honest and fascinating discussions — and I wanna be a part of that. (I really wanna be a part of that.)

First, I have to answer her plea for an inventive name. (She didn’t think "Feminist Book Club" or "Emma Watson Book Club" were quite up to scratch — and she failed to notice that #Emma'sBookClub doesn't quite work as a hashtag...) Problem is, to impress Emma with a creative club name, I’m first going to have to battle the hundreds of people who’ve already responded with hilarious suggestions like "Watson Your Bookshelf." How am I supposed to beat that?

No matter what she names it, I’m really looking forward to seeing where this project will lead. I’m hoping for lots of books by BAME writers, perspectives from women all over the world, and maybe a mass feminist re-reading of Harry Potter.